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Thread: John McCain's Connection to Big Oil (vid)

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    John McCain's Connection to Big Oil (vid)


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    Excellent and informative piece. The sad thing is that some of the people at this forum will not even watch the entire clip. Why? Because Keith Obberman was the host. Forget the fact that the content of the video is extremely informative. :rolleyes:

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    Moreover IJF, they will criticize KO and not even mention the content

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    Great post. Very informative, but you can't help but cringe at the toxic waste that oozes from Olbermann's every word.

    He's more than disingenuous about the facts here and does Obama a HUGE disservice every time he opens his mouth.

    He's at his worst when he cuddles up with Rachel Maddow (yuck)'s kind of like two meth junkies in the back room of a seedy flop house vowing that they're going to straighten out after they come down from this 'last' hit. They are both self indulgent pigs who lack original ideas and objectivity.

    KO spends his time lambasting O'Reilly and others for their inability to look to the center on issues but he's just as guilty as they are.

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    The Democrats have passed a farm bill every year since they took over Congress and in every bill Tom Harkin from Iowa has lauded the subsidies for bio fuels and the protection of both our food and energy future. These bills were passed with overwhelming support by the Democrats pushed hard by the leadership in both the House and Senate. They aren't talking about the Enron loophole when it comes to food prices which are skyrocketing and a much bigger danger than any speculative bubble in energy.

    It's easy to blame speculators on high energy prices when you have had an energy policy of no nukes, no drilling for oil or natural gas, no coal no bio fuel imports. Large subsidies for farmers not to plant and farmers to plant for bio fuels.

    Why hasn't Obelrman mentioned that this same farm policy that the Democrats have supported since they took over Congress is responsible for lining the pockets of AMD and agri-business and Tom Harkin a Democrat from Iowa is writting the legislation that has our food prices soaring to a level where people will be starving by the end of the summer.
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    I cant imagine who Keith Doperman is going to vote for! McCain may be for big oil, but Obama was for Nuclear Power now he is not. So much for getting off foreign oil. I wonder who is lineing his pockets!


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