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Thread: The Once in a Lifetime "Bash Your Mod" Thread

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    I hear you smell like old cheese and vegetable soup

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    you're a washington nationals fan......

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    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY;2632858]you're a washington nationals fan......[/QUOTE]

    he's a nationals fan????

    how the hell does that happen????

    here is a serious complaint......

    as a poster, I feel sometimes you jump to conclusions about what someone is trying to say...

    you try to paint their comments as a statement against you or people like you as a personal attack....

    for example you will say things like "..oh, I guess we are all just to stupid to get it..."


    " dare you insult my family...."

    I just think you figure you know how to read people well, and sometimes that makes you form an idea of what they are thinking before they can tell you....

    which is understandable, yet frustrating....

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    [QUOTE=Come Back to NY;2632858]you're a washington nationals fan......[/QUOTE]

    Wow, that's low, even in a "please bash me" thread.

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    [QUOTE=Warfish;2632145]I keep him in the celler, with the Pickles.

    He's a prick, he deserves it.[/QUOTE]

    Does that make him a pickled prick?


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