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Thread: The future of the Light Heavyweight Division

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    The future of the Light Heavyweight Division

    How is Lyoto Machida not next in line for a title shot? He is a skilled BJJ and Karate fighter. He is one of the few fighters that I have seen who actually uses Karate effectively in an MMA fight.

    He has some resume. Look at his victims:

    Tito Ortiz
    Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
    Vernon White
    B.J. Penn
    Rich Franklin
    Stephan Bonnar

    He is a little boring to watch because he will counter a skilled fighter, as opposed to a flat out attack.

    Keep an eye out for the Dragon.

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    He is going to fight Thiago Silva I believe in September, winner of that fight might get a shot. They are both undefeated.

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