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Thread: Yankees vs Red Sox

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    Yankees vs Red Sox

    I'll leave the graphics and pitching matchups to someone else (ahem, Sean). Just saw this note that could affect the series though:

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    "Just showed up this morning. He just came in and said, 'My right knee hurts,'" manager Terry Francona said hours before the Red Sox went for a series sweep

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    Manny being Manny or is he really hurt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChadLover View Post
    Manny being Manny or is he really hurt?
    I vote Manny being Manny.

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    This is a tough one. I think asking Joba to beat Beckett at Fenway is asking a ton. Then you have to give us the advantage with Pettitte vs. Wakefield, but Wakefield has been pitching great of late. And obviously the Sox have a huge advantage with Lester against Ponson.

    I'd be ecstatic with 2/3, but 1/3 is the much more likely scenario. Winning Friday would be absolutely enormous.


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