[quote=Buster;2646284]In terms of the election it is a minor plus. Most American voters don’t like the idea of Europeans thinking we are bad people. Electing Obama would reverse this.[/quote]

Only hard core libs and kiddies care what Europe, the home of the Holocaust, Marxism, and Appeasement thinks.

Kerry worried about a global test and look how far that got him

B Hussein has to give the impression hes really popular, somewhere, but unfortunately its somewhere people cant vote him in in a landslide.

As usual, real, patrotic Americans are far smarter than libs/lib elites think they are-the latter can only count on lazy independents/libertarians/RINOs to sit out the election, vote for a 3rd party freak, or fall in love with a stuttering, hunchbacked set of shiny teeth and dumbo ears in the hopes their inverted drug addicted cipher of a candidate will squeak in