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Thread: Keith Hernandez Answers Email

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    Keith Hernandez Answers Email

    This made me laugh. Keith answers emails that people send in to SNY.

    When someone says that a player has a short or long swing what does he mean?
    - Ned in Huntington, N.Y.

    Exactly what it says. For example, Chase Utley has a short swing, Pat Burrell has a long swing.
    Gee, that is helpful.

    Some other gems:

    What makes someone like Ryan Howard strike out so much while he still seems to hit home runs at an alarming rate?
    - Craig in Westchester

    Good question. He swings at too many bad pitches out of the strike zone, and the pitchers are too stupid to recognize this and they continue to throw him strikes.

    How hard is it to step back into the batter's box after being out with an injury?
    - Stan in Manhattan

    That depends on the injury.

    What kind of mindset do you have when you are going up to pinch-hit?
    - Andrew in Great Neck, N.Y.

    Thou shall not pass! You have to first-ball, fastball hit in that situation.

    Is it hard to go the other way with a pitch?
    - Jim in New Jersey

    Depends on the batter. For example, Chase Utley goes the other way naturally; Pat Burrell does not.

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    Better than Joe Morgan's chats where he writed a whole paragraph of nothing.

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    I don't he answers emails from women though

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    Quote Originally Posted by IM3 View Post
    Better than Joe Morgan's chats where he writed a whole paragraph of nothing.

    You are correct. Joe Morgan is a class A moron. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball is a national embarrassment.


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