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Thread: Media Censorship During War?

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    All wars since the dawn of the 20th century have been a profit-making racket
    There should never be media censorship in a time of war. If there is, it's only meant to further the racket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Paranoid Jet View Post
    I suppose that also introduces an interpretation problem - how do you define what is disrespectful.

    Okay, I concede. Now I'm swung back to the "no censorship" side. But it's still close. I just can't get over how crushing it would be to see my wife or son or daughter split apart six thousand miles away on the cover of a magazine. Hell, seeing that wedding photo of Ty Zeigler or whatever his name was was crushing enough for me and I never knew him.
    Yeah. I think what it comes down to is that the societal benefits of a free press outweigh the harm to any individual when the media uses its freedom in non-tortious but still hurtful and unwise ways.

    Sort of like democracy - its the worst alternative, except for all the others


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