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Thread: Kristic Leaves NETS, goes to Europe

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    Kristic Leaves NETS, goes to Europe

    I have to say, as a Nets fan, hearing the news this morning that Nenad Kristic has left the team to sign a 2 year deal with a team in Moscow is EXTREMELY dissapointing. I am glad we have Brook Lopez and Yi Milliang to step right in a replace him but I do feel this is a step back for an organization that is otherwise having a great offseason. Rod Thorn has done a great job putting this team in the right direction in anticipation for the upcoming free agent class of 2010, but losing a promising porspect like Kristic who is only 22 years old is a major dissapointment.

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    Main reason for this movement of players to Europe is the dying dollar. Sorry if I sound political but I can't discuss this topic and avoid politics altogether. The Bush Administration and the upcoming McBush Administration are killing our currency. One Euro is now worth $1.60. These players are going where the money is and the money ain't here anymore.


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