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Thread: Response to JTHM

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    Response to JTHM

    Not sure why your thread was closed but I spent 5 minutes writing a response and then the thing got locked so here it is. If the situation you described truly happened then I hope the following helps...

    "Unfortunate incident. I can see how you'd be pissed but step back and look at it from her angle. She obviously, for some reason, thought you were Spanish-speaking and she probably thought she was doing the right thing to assist a customer by hitting the button to start the checkout process in Spanish. It's her fault for not asking you or for not saying, "if you prefer to have the machine speak in Spanish you can hit this button." She made a snap judgement, probably thinking she was doing the right thing, but obviously made a somewhat ignorant assumption that was incorrect. I'm not sure that "stereotype" is the right way to describe it but she certainly jumped to a conclusion based on appearance or something else that lead her to believe a certain way. Bottom line - I'm not in your shoes so I can't tell you how to feel but I would chalk her actions up to poor judgement or ignorance more than anything else. Hope this helps."

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    Alright man thanks for the advice its just that it happens a little too much for my liking out here in SD but i digress...anyway i guess thats what i get for being Colombian and Trinidadian lol. Thanks again man.
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