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Thread: OT: Monster of Montauk???

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    Wantaugh? I Wantaugh stop seeing these fugly pictures!

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    Haven't seen anymore Monster carcasses, but they do have some huge Muskrats now. Good to see that lake get a cleanup. Its a nasty looking lake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADemas View Post
    i came from the 6th dimension of pleidians. I live in the jungle and have six testicles.

    On a serious note, I crush electron with my intent and collapse electron particles into waves, which carry information.

    Im an acupuncturist dammit!
    Any relation to Timmmmmy?

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    holy crap! another Montauk Monster, this one in Manhattan

    Graphic Photo Shows Bloated Rat Monster Washed Up Near East River

    Photo by Denise Ginley
    Yesterday we received three graphic photos of this above creature on the shore of the East River. Our tipster wrote, "Is this another incarnation of the Montauk Monster, or just the biggest rat in the city?" The animal was under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side, and was "maybe two feet, a bit more perhaps, head to tail."
    The first reported "Montauk Monster" was spotted in 2008, and since then some more similar animals have washed up in different locations, and with each one new theories are tossed around: a turtle without its shell, a raccoon, a dog, a pig, movie props, lab tested animal from Plum Island, and so on.
    Of course, the government (and annoying rational people) would like the public to believe that each of these washed up "monsters" are just dead bloated animals. But our source in the comments section of tells us this photo clearly shows a R.O.U.S. that drowned during the Giant Mutant Urban Rat Army's special skills swimming test. Our future overlords are clearly honing their skills before they follow through with Phase IV of their takeover plan, and we wouldn't doubt if they were behind the leaked photos of giant rats that have gone viral in recent months.

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    my six testicles are tingling...

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    it could be a ROUS (Rodent Of Unusual Size)


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