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Thread: Mets need to dip down in Farm System

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    Mets need to dip down in Farm System

    Since, the Mets couldn't make any trades(atleast none right now), we need to dip down in our farm immediatley.

    The Bullpen could use fresh arms, call up Kunz, maybe even Parnell. Please send down Muniz.

    Heck, even call up Fernando and give him a taste. I don't think we need to, we'll probably claim a bat off waivers.

    Young players can play key roles in pennant races, ala K-Rod, and Miguel Cabrera.

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    It's probably not fair to them, but I want to see what the kids have to offer.

    There is no point in having Eddie Kunz waste innings in AA when he hasn't given up a run this month. This month in 11.1 Innings he's given up 5 hits, 1 walk, 8 strikeouts, and has a GB/FB ratio of 5.50 . His work against Lefties seems to be much improved. Why not give him a shot?

    Jon Niese has pitched very well for Binghamton and now New Orleans and deserves a shot if Maine is to miss any time.

    No reason why Carp, Murphy, Parnell, or even F-Mart can't get a cup of coffee either.

    As I see it we have at least 3 useless roster spots with Marlon Anderson, Robinson Cancel, and Carlos Muniz right now, and could be 4 if Maine needs to go on the DL. Time to replace these guys with the in-house options and see if they can help this team win.


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