JI Faithful:

I write music often (anything from pop to classical), but there is one song of mine that I am considering having a video made to accompany.

The problem is that most video makers who have worked with bands cost at least 10K for one video. This is usually the starting cost.

On this site, there are so many talented people working with .gif files and photoshop. I'm wondering if there is anyone who works in video or film (even as a hobby) who would like a song to create a video around.

This song is pure pop - but I've been told by the producer at the Audio Studio where I had it produced that it has good potential. The singer really made the song work.

If you are serious about this offer, or even think you might like to develop ideas for it, PM me and I can send you the link for the song. We can work out cost details. I'd see this as a nice resume builder for someone who wants a portfolio of their work.