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Thread: WEC- Jamie Varner

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    WEC- Jamie Varner

    anyone catch the WEC card on Sunday night?

    Varner is a straight stud guys, this dude could reign supreme in WEC and could likely do much damage in UFC as well

    he dismantled Razor Rob McCullogh earlier in the year to win the title and demolished Marcus Hicks on Sunday in his first defense. I thought Hicks, while short was an absolute BEAST and this dude just viciously tore him up

    wow, I'm now a big Varner fan

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    Hicks was working him for a minute. But, yes, Varner has a good combination of wrestling and boxing. He hits you once, and he smells kill. I have to say, he has been very impressive. But as for the UFC, I don't think Varner will do anything to the likes of BJ Penn (thought whlo really can these days?).

    i have to say though, the WEC cards have been blowing away the UFC cards, and not only cause they are free. Those fights have been insane. The match b/t Brian Stann and Steve Cantwell was CRAZY. The WEC is quickly becoming another or my favorite venues along with the UFC.


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