Photographer, always looking for unique or simply authentic locations to locate photoshoots. They kind of locations we need are varied. 1. Cool modern business offices (we can shoot at the weekends so it does not interfere with business). 2. Suburban homes (middle income to higher income homes) - everything from the New England colonial to the ultra modern hipster homes. It could be a typical white picket fence, garden etc suburban home. 3. Unusual unique private property for outdoor locations 4. School Interiors Classrooms, halls, lockers. 5. Spa/Sauna Hotels. 6. Manhattan/Brooklyn Lofts 7. Brownstones in Brooklyn.

We can provide a CD of images plus a fee. The location fee offered for an office is around $1,000 and up for a day. The location fee for a home $500 to $1000 a day. For school locations we are happy to make a donation to the school somewhere in the region of $750 to $1,000 per day. Generally we need the location for a full day and it is likely within an hour of Manhattan

These locations are used as backdrops for lifestyle/people photography. We will need a building release (showing that we have permission to use the location) signed by the owner/lease holder - so this is not something you should contemplate if you do not own or have authority to use the location.

We will need lots of photos of your location in advance via email to see if the location would work for us. If we think it might then we need to make an advance visit, usually that takes about 15 minutes. We pay at the end of the shoot day.

Please email your photos to