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Thread: Favre a Jet..great, how bout Madden Curse

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    Favre a Jet..great, how bout Madden Curse

    Im as excited as anyone here about the new acquisition. We finally have a bonafide QB and the best QB on the Jet team since I've been born (1980). Things are looking great....right?

    Well today I just went to check up on the new features on the new Madden game, and my smile turned into a "OH NO" look. I totally forgot Favre is on the cover of the Madden 09 game....granted he's in a GB uniform.

    Now, I'm not a believer of curses, BUT i dont mess with the Madden curse. Every player has basically had some downyear/injury the following year. Its real, believeme, so much that Chargers fans protested and begged Tomlinson not to be on the cover following his magical year in 06.

    Favre may fall victim to the Madden curse. Now,does it matter that he's in a different uniform than that on the cover. A true curse will carry onto the person regardless of locale. I, for one, sure hope not. Now that the curse of the bambino has been ended and the King Tut's curse was found to be some fungus in his many true curses are left. The one that is alive and kicking rests on cover of this best selling EA sports video game. So for the rest of the year, while I enjoy the season (hopefully), I will say a prayer every Sunday, cross my fingers, get a rabbit's foot; whatever it takes to keep that country boy from Mississippi on his feet and out of the trainer's room.

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    What is it with you tards?

    Lock. Dump.

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    Discussed adnauseum yesterday.

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    The Madden Curse just Ran into a REAL curse.....the Cure of "The Same Old Jets".

    The two, happily, should cancel each other out. So we better pray, lol.


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