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Thread: Update: Red Bull Arena erection!

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    Update: Red Bull Arena erection!

    Finally after years of politics and waiting on permits. The steel was finally delivered to the site and erected.

    The name is also changed from Red Bull Park to Red Bull Arena.

    Some pictures

    I for one cant wait for this stadium to be built. Finally a legit place to see a match and hopefully create some real football atmosphere! Nothing kills atmosphere more than 50,000 empty seats and yard lines.

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    You said bulll and erection.... uh huh huh

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    Red Bulls have a small yet good, die-hard fan base (ESC) that should create a good atmosphere in a smaller, state-of-the-art stadium. I look forward to going to some games at the new place.

    Oh yea and I definitely LOL'ed at the thread title. There should really be a "no homo" next to it.

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    Where is the new stadium being built??

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    Harrison and I think there will be a PATH line or some way to get there with mass transit. Which after trucking up to the Meadowlands will be glorious.

    And the redesign is gorgeous.

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    New site has details and a WEBCAM . . . can't wait for this to be built.


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