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Thread: Rumor: UFC Could Take Over EliteXC Spot On CBS

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    Rumor: UFC Could Take Over EliteXC Spot On CBS

    Rumor: UFC Could Take Over EliteXC Spot On CBS

    According to a report in the Friday edition of New York Post, CBS was not too pleased with the second EliteXC broadcast on their channel and now rumors are starting to fly that CBS and the UFC are talking again about a deal.

    But reportedly, the network was shocked by how badly the last fight, called "Unfinished Business," did in the ratings.

    Despite a poor showing, CBS apparently does not want to give up on the idea of turning the sometime savage mixed martial arts into primetime fare.

    Rumors have also resurfaced that CBS is once again in talks with UFC - the first and better-known of the competing fight leagues - to take over the timeslot.

    Calls to UFC and CBS were not returned.

    Interesting stuff here. CBS sees the potential in having MMA on their network, but they do not seem pleased with the EliteXC product and could be gunning for the top dogs in the buisness.

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    I want Dana White to run my business. He is ruthless!

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    What did Elite expect with the last card they put up?


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