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Thread: Happy Niese Day!

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    Happy Niese Day!

    Can't wait to see this kid pitch tonight. One thing though, I am kind of nervous about it because Niese is a lefty and the Brewers absolutely RAKE lefties. As a team they hit .324 vs lefties, which is ridiculous. I don't have too high expectations for Niese tonight, maybe 5 ip 3 er, anything better would be gravy. I'm pumped!!
    Lets go Mets!

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    I'm not sure I agree with the Mets starting Niese against the Brewers, who like you said kill lefties. We have other who could have went this game...I know its babying him but I just don't want to kill his confidence...

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    If one bad start can kill his confidence, I don't want him on the Mets anyways. Hopefully it doesn't come to that point though. I think the reason the Mets aren't concerned about the one individual match up is because they plan on keeping him in the rotation as long as John Maine is out. He should be up to the task of getting outs, regardless if the opposition is strong against Lefties or not.

    I do question those stats a little bit, obviously they are what they are, but they play in a division where the toughest Lefty Starter (Outside of Sabathia who they obviously can't face) they will face is Paul Maholm. I question if those stats are obtained through playing against a lot of mediocre lefties such as Wandy Rodriguez, Ted Lilly, and Randy Wolf, or if they really are that good against a Lefty. Once he got settled in, Johan Santana didn't have a whole lot of trouble with the Brewers lineup, of course Johan Santana is in a different world then Jon Niese, but to me it does illustrate the fact that it can be done.


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