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Thread: The same people who outed Edwards are at it again.

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    The same people who outed Edwards are at it again.

    First Edwards and now this. Wow, they are good.

    Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin attempted to quietly have her daughter Bristol get married before news of her pregnancy leaked out, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER is reporting exclusively in its new issue.

    Palin planned for the wedding to take place right after the Republican National Convention and then she was going to announce the pregnancy.

    [B]But Bristol, 17, refused to go along with the plan and that sparked a mother-daughter showdown over the failed coverup.[/B]

    The ultra-conservative governorís announcement about her daughterís pregnancy came hours after The ENQUIRER informed her representatives and family members of Levi Johnston, the father of Bristolís child, that we were aware of the pregnancy and were going to break the news.

    In a preemptive strike Palin released the news, creating political shockwaves.

    The ENQUIRER has also learned that Palinís family is embroiled in a vicious war that is now exposing her darkest secrets, threatening to destroy her political career.

    Palinís ongoing war with her ex brother-in-law Mike Wooten, a state trooper, has caused multiple sources to come forward with shocking allegations about the governor.

    Details of those allegations, the family feud, and Palinís attempt to cover up her teen daughterís pregnancy are in the new issue of The ENQUIRER.[/QUOTE]


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    the clintons' man Roger Altman/Evercore Partners...palin makes an old cow like hillary redundant so they have to try to go after her for hillary's sake

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    And they went after Edwards because??????

    [QUOTE=flushingjet;2725127]the clintons' man Roger Altman/Evercore Partners...palin makes an old cow like hillary redundant so they have to try to go after her for hillary's sake[/QUOTE]

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    The difference of couse being that ALL of the "Mainstream Media" (ie. The New York Times, Time Mag, Washington Post etc) decided for about 2 YEARS to not report on the Edwards story AT ALL based on the Enquirers Stories because they were "uncoroborated" and they didn't have "ENOUGH SOURCES" on the story. So they sat on the fact that a Presidential Candidate was having an extramarital affair with someone on his payroll behind the back of his Cancer-Survivor wife whos Cancer had returned...

    Compared to:

    The "Mainstream MEdia" taking an unsourced INTERNET BLOG STORY that Trig Palin wasn't her actual child and was actually a cover-up for her daughter and RUNNING WITH IT as if it was GOSPEL - never apologizing when it was found to be total fabrication....AND THEN going after Bristol Palins pregnancy based on the Enquirer story, resulting in the "Mainstream Media" New York Times running THREE COVER STORIES on a family issue as if it was the fall of the Berlin Wall. Slightly different reactions, yes?

    By the way, We're winning the case you hadn't read that in the "Mainstream Media".

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    The Mainstreem Media are, collectively, a bunch of fools. They go after the juicy, tabloid story rather than the deeper one, or focus of the juicy part of an important story, the importance of which becomes drowned out.

    Rather than focus on the Bristol Juno situation, they should be focusing deeper into Troopergate, earmarks, the 527 Palin was a director of, issues of abuse of power as mayor. Those are far more relevant stories than Bristol.

    It's just like the NYT story about McCain and the female lobbiest. They focused on the inuendo of an affair which didn't happen, rather than the real story of McCain being in bed (politically rather than literally) with a lobbiest. That harkens back to his Keating 5 days. That aspect of the story had far more relevance than the non-story of the non-affair.

    The MSM sucks.

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    [quote=cr726;2725323]And they went after Edwards because??????[/quote]

    To take him out of the race. if the story had gotten traction
    we'd have Hillary at the top of the ticket
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