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Thread: Ben Stein: Palin Needs a Babysitter

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    Ben Stein: Palin Needs a Babysitter

    Apparently not all right-wing pundits are smitten with Caribou Barbie. :rolleyes:


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    How many votes are effected from Ben Stein's opinion?
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    [QUOTE=HessStation;2729865]How many votes are effected from Ben Stein's opinion?[/QUOTE]

    Interesting... He was a hero of the right when he recently did his pro-God documentary.

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    [QUOTE=Press_Coverage;2729904]Interesting... He was a hero of the right when he recently did his pro-God documentary.[/QUOTE]

    Really? Wow! I didn't know that!

    Um yeah, so again. What American will place their vote for presidency because of Ben Stein?

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    Ben Stein is a smart guy. His views on the economy are quite interesting and insightful. I'd love to hear his assessment of Obama on the subject.

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    Interesting.....the VP should have a staff of experts......on certain Economy.

    Ground breaking.


    I'm sure "lights out" Biden never thought of it either, lol.

    Sounds like ol' Ben is a little bitter seeing the world pass him by.

    I recently heard him stalk off a radio show over a perceived (and non-existant)



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    Lol, God forbid a guy speaks the truth when he's asked a question without being attacked with ridicule and sarcasm.

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    Palin reminds me of W in so many ways.

    ill be fair and say John McCain could have done a good job in theory... he really is a bit of centrist at the end of the day... or least it he was 8 years ago...

    but now, with Rove and co forcing him to take Palin it's W part II. She's everything we've experienced in the last 8 years in a prettier package. McCain has no juice in his own party, and his own party is in love with a female W.

    even if the GOP somehow win this election, watching this team govern will be a crippling development. GOP Is done.


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