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Thread: Gotta give Gov. Bobby Jindal some credit

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    Gotta give Gov. Bobby Jindal some credit

    He's working his ass off down their in Louisiana, turned down a prime time speech for the Republicans at their convention, and also turned down a satellite speech. Like Sen. Obama, a big speech for Gov. Jindal in a prime time spot can propel your career. It's nice to see a politician with his priorities in order.
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    I agree...Jindal deserves a ton of praise.

    We should also capture him for further scientific studies. If we can find out what makes him act so differently that other politicians, perhaps we could create a serum that will cure the rest of America's politicians of the disease of "Giant Douchbaggedness"

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    I was wondering where Jindal was... good for him... he's built on the kind of substance you want to see in a politician, whether you are a Democrat or Republican.

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    Jindal was OUTSTANDING!

    Hurricane Katrina: It was three (3) years ago this time that erstwhile Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco (D) responded to the looting in African-American areas of New Orleans by sending in the Louisiana National Guard with a 'Shoot-To-Kill' order to stop the crime.

    Seriously, she actually used the words 'shoot-to-kill'.

    Is it any wonder why she's no longer in office?!?

    I wonder what Barack Obama felt about that 'shoot-to-kill' order!



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