[QUOTE]U.S. Government Assisting in Sale of Lehman Brothers

By David Cho and Heather Landy
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, September 11, 2008; 5:40 PM

The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve are helping Lehman Brothers put itself up for sale. The details are not finalized, but sources familiar with the matter say the purchase is expected to be completed and announced this weekend before Asian markets open Monday morning.

The Fed and Treasury are talking to a wide range of firms and examining multiple scenarios for the sale of the venerable investment brokerage.

Lehman Brothers, which had been anxious to show it could weather the credit crisis that contributed to the firm's $3.9 billion third-quarter loss, said Wednesday that it would sell a majority stake in its investment-management division, slash its dividend and spin off about $30 billion of real estate assets.

The announcement did little to calm investors' concerns that Lehman, the smallest of the four major Wall Street investment banks, might suffer the same fate as former rival Bear Stearns, which was acquired by J.P. Morgan Chase in a deal regulators brokered in March after a bank run that shook the securities industry.

Lehman's share price fell nearly 40 percent to $4.22 at the end of trading today, continuing a precipitous fall from more than $60 a share as of February. [/QUOTE]

Another one bites the dust.