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Thread: Third Party Interest...Anyone see Paul Press Conference?

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    Third Party Interest...Anyone see Paul Press Conference?

    It was interesting. You had a rep from each corner.

    1) Fiscal far right
    2) Religious far right
    3) Social far left
    4) To bad Barr didn't show

    What's all these fringe groups have in common?
    They are all dead on that there is really no difference between the Dems' and GOP.

    You don't have to completely agree to see Paul's point.

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    It's a damn shame Ron Paul is a crackpot nutbar a la Ross Perot, because his general policy ideals are not bad ones for the most part. I won't get into the accusations of racism, but they certainly don't help either.

    But he is a very poor face for those policies, and worse, he takes good solid policies and takes them in many cases to extreme, unrealistic places. Sure Ron, lets just tutrle and close ourselves off fromt he world. Lets eliminate all our "unconstitutional" programs, without any plan whatsoever for HOW do do it, and how to handle all the problems doing it will cause in the short term. Lets live in a dreamworld where isolationism means safety. Lets whine about the big money evil conspiracy as if you were a forum poster on J.I.

    No, Ron Paul will never win a thing outside his state, and whilst some of what he says is good, he's not.

    One day we'll get a Libertarian Constitutionalist who actually lives in the real world, doesn't have the looks of a guy who might promote mass suicide when a coment flies by, and understands that change may be warranted, but in the real world change takes work, not just good (or even correct) policy positions.


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