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Thread: What some veterans think of McCain...

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    What some veterans think of McCain...

    "From my perspective as a decorated veteran, Barack Hussein Obama clearly has no appreciation for the sacrifices members of the military and their families make for this great nation."
    Timothy M. Schlimpert, New Carlisle, IN

    "I am a Vietnam vet, but that is not why I support John McCain. It is because of what I see in his character. He seems to be a man who is the rare kind of leader who is not only tough minded, but also has a high degree of compassion and respect for his fellow man and woman. He is the kind of man who would not just send someone into danger if needed, but he would lead them there."
    Ron D. Lancaster, Greenville, NC

    "As a Vietnam Combat vet I can see no clearer person whom I want to lead this country. It is because of men like us that people can vote for whoever they want to but, voting just because of a party affiliation or not honestly looking at records and history, is a vote that will weaken our country."
    Robert L. Kelley, Gatesville, TX

    "It's because of men like Mr. McCain that i had the Privilege and honor to serve in iraq! Thank you and welcome home, to all vets!"
    Nicholas K. Zachman, Redding CA

    "I proudly support Captain McCain in his goal of giving todays soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines the commander in chief they are so deserving of."
    Christopher C. Phillips, Hemet CA

    "GO McCain. Wish we could meet you over here in Iraq. God Bless. Being in Iraq is important, and so is the fact that we need a good commander in Chief. Win this election and be the great patriot you are."
    Benjamin N. Hyder, MI

    "I am an OIF veteran, I was there during the surge. I can tell you first hand that it worked. I want a president who will not cut and run, someone who won't let my buddies die in vain. I want someone who understands me and what I've done. I want a President named John McCain."
    Nicholas C Burke, Staten Island, NY

    "I have been a proud supporter of Senator McCain since his first run for the Presidency in 2000."
    Michael R. Ambrose, Pensacola, FL

    "My doubts were laid to rest after his acceptance speech at the republican convention. His choice of running mate... pure Genius!!! Sarah Palin is the main reason why I gave John McCain a chance and now I feel proud to be supporting and voting for him."
    Tyler Swagger, Gulf Breeze FL

    "My son is in the Army and I want to know that someone who cares what will happen to him is our President. My son joined because of 9/11 and is proud of what he is doing and believes in this country. We dont need politically correct politicians we need ones that that say it like it is and do then do it."
    Sandy L Hawley, Appleton WI

    "Only one candidate truly served his country with bravery, pride, and the backbone we need to protect my family!! God bless John McCain."
    Edmund R. Coppinger, East Stroudsburg, PA

    "What America needs now is a hero not an obamessiah."
    David C. Danna , Lafayette, LA

    "I have been a long time supporter of John McCain and believe he is our clear best choice for President of the US. He epitomizes the best elements of honor, commitnment and courage. He will do what is best for our country. I have total faith in his character and integrity."
    F. J. Hefestay Jr., Kearneysville, WV

    "John and Sarah are our best hope for the future of our Children, Grand Children and this country. My son Neil, who is a contractor at Al Asad AB IRAQ also supports you and your ideals. Give 'em Hell John and Sarah."
    Kenneth E. Moore, VA

    "A great speech from a great American. He has renewed my belief in politics."
    Douglas S. Reeve, Champaign IL

    "I'm currently serving in Iraq. In my opinion things look promising here and SEN McCain has the proven perspective to see this through. John McCain's devotion to our Country, and his desire to leave it a better place than he found it will ensure that things will actually get done, rather than being held up by partisan gridlock."
    Tyler S. Mcee, Mililani, HI

    "It is ridiculous for anyone to believe, with both candidates' history that there is a man better suited for this position than McCain. As an Iraqi war veteran and a current military spouse I need to rely on McCain's military expertise to feel that my husband and my family will be taken care of. The idea of Obama, with little experience in leadership and NO military experience has me sincerely troubled. God Bless McCain and may it be His will for the sake of our military men and women."
    Trisha M. Barrientes, Kittanning, PA

    "I was in RVN when Senator McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton. As he indicated in his acceptance speech (paraphrased. he came home no longer a self centered person) following his imprisonment. I did not suffer the same as he did but I think a lot of us came home from there as changed, more humble and patriotic --- I know I did. I thank God ever day that I came home in one piece and was not a visitor of the Hanoi Hilton myself. I do have leukemia from being explsed to Dioxin in Agent Orange on the DMZ. I have survived thoughts of suicide, PSTD, and will survive the leukemia also. I am 73 now, only one year older than John and we Nam Vets all know a little of what he suffered there. I would vote for him just based on his military record."
    Dave W. Reeves, Placerville, CA

    "I have the utmost respect for McCain and have never been seriously interested in a race for the White House until this past week with the announcement of Sarah Palin as his running mate. I am a Vietnam-era veteran and support McCain 1,000%. He is a hero and would make the best servant leader for our country that has appeared on stage in my lifetime."
    Lee F Wesner, Garland, TX

    "I came home from the first gulf war in bad shape. I spent some time in a naval hospital before my discharge. When I was discharged I found that dealing with the VA was quite a task. I couldn't seem to get anything accomplished as far as my continuing health care. I wrote john mccain a letter. I asked if there was any advice he could give me as to how I should deal with the veterans administration. I recieved a reply from the senator saying he would try to clear some things up for me. One month later the VA called me! problem solved. thx senator!!!"
    Todd T. Tonkin, AZ

    "spent the better part of my carrer serving under a CIC (Clinton) who never had a clue at what our service members go through on a daily basis and dont want my friends neighbors and our future servicemen and woman to have to do the same. Vote McCain"
    James E Bond, Lake Stevens WA

    "Thank you to a real hero and someone who knows what it means to be a young military family forced to watch a man with no idea of the military say that he could lead the military. And thank you to Vets4McCain Supporters for everyone that gets there voice out to say that this amazing man needs to be in office and needs to be our Commander and Chief."
    Clifford D Morey, Kathleen GA

    "I re-entered the Army after 9-11, after a 13 year break and deployed to Afghanistan. We need a strong CinC. McCain is the man! I have always supported him, but when Russia attacked Georgia, his response won me over completely."
    David A Spalding, Bell Plain, MN

    "John McCain is the Man I want answering that 3 A.M. phone call in the White House. I have a son in the Navy and a daughter in the Army, I want him as their Commander-in-Chief. He's the best man for the job."
    Virginia M. Smith, Papillion, NE

    "I met John McCain during my third deployment to Iraq in 2007. Upon meeting this man it was obvious that this fellow soldier was the RIGHT choice to be my Commander and Chief. I cannot describe the feeling of ease you sustain when he is present. Now that McCain has chose MRS Palin to be his VP only shows that McCain is more in touch with the needs of a once thought hopeless generation. Thank You John McCain, God Bless you and God Bless The Great United States of America."
    Leonard A. Casper, Winter Haven FL

    "With the conclusion of the Convention, the Republicans have reenergized the race. No longer an oBama lovefest, people are finally "getting" that the only responsible vote is a vote for John McCain. I sincerely hope he wins."
    Edward L. Schomer,Jr, Erie, PA

    "I was in Vietnam when I was only 20 years old it was the greatest and hardest time of my life. I want a President who understands what we Vets went through."
    David M. Carter, Corpus Christi, TX

    "For the first time in many years we have a clear choice ... not just the lesser of 2 evils. John McCain & Sarah Palin will shake up the Washington establishment, restore our nation to a position of dignity and honor and, most importantly, they will protect our nation against all threats! VOTE McCAIN-PALIN!!!"
    Rod Logsdon, Bolingbrook, IL

    "I don't know what military people are thinking when they say, "I'm voting Obama and he'll put us out of Iraq; he supports the military." Are they stupid. Just what job do they think they are going to have once the military draws down? Maybe he'll support what's left, but there isn't going to be much of a military under Obama because 'we can just settle our differences by talking'. Personally, I like my job. I've loved serving my country, something Obama never did, and I am proud to be a Vet."
    Tamara R Walker, Norfolk, VA

    "I value our freedoms and it seems like Obama wants to take them away. whereas McCain/Palin will reduce government and taxes."
    Jeff Bombard, Bennington, VT

    "John McCain and Sara Palin exemplify the best leadership that this country needs to guide us through the maze of issues that face the United States of America today, and in the future."
    William E. Bork, Jr., Morrison, CO

    "John McCain will not turn his back on the troops or give up the fight against terrorism! Nor will he feel the need to apologize to the rest of the world when America attacks terrorism where terrorism lives! America needs a Commander In Chief who knows what military service is - that man IS John McCain!"
    Michael R. Jordan, Virginia Beach, VA

    "WOMEN VETS FOR MCCAIN -I would love to donate or have bumper sticker or signs for our yard IN WESTERN PA"
    Alicia M. Mahalko , Belle Vernon, PA

    "Thank you Senator McCain. Not only are you an amazing individual, and the only obvious person to be the Republican Presidential Candidate, but you have brought to the table with you someone with a firm grasp of reality. I watched Governor Palin's speech last evening on Fox and am in awe of "Sarah Barracuda" as she's been called. Please express my thanks for being such a strong woman. Anyone with half an ounce of integrity is already in awe of you. I live in a home full of military. Myself and my father are US Navy Retired (I did 6 years active duty as a single-parent deployed during Desert Storm), my son is former US Army, and my active duty Navy husband is currently in the middle-east. You've produced the team that can make a difference in 2008. We're behind you and Governor Palin 100% plus. We all salute you!!!"
    Ilene R. DeChurch, Corapeake, NC

    "John McCain is the only choice to serve as our next President! People can talk all they want about energy, health care, and the economy; without national security everything else is irrelevant. John McCain will defend this country (and the rest of the world whether they're willing to admit or not) from Islamic radicals. As a veteran, I have the highest respect for the man, and he has my vote."
    Robin G. Thurston, Colorado Springs, CO

    "Although I belonged to a foreign military force [Australia], we are still great allies. In 1981 I served as a naval aviator onboard the USS Midway on an exchange posting, during an Indian Ocean deployment. I consider this to be the highlight of my Naval career. My family and I have visited the USofA on 5 seperate occasions now, and I consider that as Australia doesnt have a president, the President of the USA is ours as well. Bearing this in mind the choice between John McCain and the other guy is a no-brainer. When he wins the election John McCain will not only be the President of the USA, but he will also be the leader of the Free Western World, which includes my great country, the greatest friend the USofA has, Australia. We were side by side with you right through the Vietnam war and were one of the original 3 in Iraq and like yours, our hearts broke when we saw the horror of 9/11. If I was a young man again, I would do the exact same thing by serving my country and through it, yours. Go John McCain. Our countries' need you."
    Rob Patterson, Moruya, Australia

    "As a U.S. Navy Veteran and current active duty member of the U.S. Coast Guard by far the only way to vote is John McCain. In my point of view any American out there that takes just two or three minutes to compare the past and present of both Presidential candidates they should be able to decide hands down why they are going to vote for McCain... This is not about young or old. This is not about sex or race. This is about our Nation and its citizens. The children and young men and woman that are preparing to lead this country in the near future. All share one common political bond -they need McCain & Palin as the next President and Vice Presindent of the United States."
    Jason M. Palmero, Chesapeake, VA

    As far as the military side of things go. I had to serve my last enlistment under the Clinton's. Never thinking it could get any worse than it was serving all those years. I now know that I was wrong. Because, if O'bama is our new Commander in Chief it will truly be an under statement calling him and his new administration "worse"! God Bless & tell everyone you know to vote McCain. Don't just say you are voting but actually show up at the pole booth and vote! Thanks, Jason Palmero "John McCain has been there and done that. No need for on the job training. He is already ready to lead."
    Christian Baker, Lawton, OK

    "I believe that John McCain is the one breath of fresh air that America needs. Also his choice for VP is an outstanding move for the enrichment of the Republican party. My prayers are with him and Mrs. Palin."
    John H. Seiverd Sr., Hahira, GA

    "I'm a purple heart awarded vet. and I have served my country and believe in my country.I want someone as president that has the same beliefs and has served his country abroad as well.I know he will support the veterans that gave all and depend on their disability pay to survive.I'm disabled from the war and I'm unable to do a lot of things I use to do but I take my daily pain with pride because I'm rooted in a nation that its foundation is "IN GOD WE TRUST" and I believe Mccain is the greater good we need and whose service to a nation stands for its self.I vote for change with Mccain."
    Calvin D. Leach, Aiken, SC

    "There is only one choice and that is whether or not to vote. This election is critical to the future of our country and the right choice must be made.....McCain/Palin is that choice."
    Robert E. Farge Jr., High Point, NC

    "Hello, I saw your button on T.V. coverage of the R.N.C. convention. I would like to get one of the buttons. I am a vet and my son just got back from Iraq, could I get two each of the bumperstickers and buttons,for my son and I?"
    Larry B. Norman, Gosport, IN

    "Vietnam Combat Veteran, proud of our men and women in uniform and proud of the United States of America. NOW is a time for our country to be lead by John McCain, our citizens and our troops deserve nothing less and the business as usual politicians and lobbists in Washington deserve the McCain/Palin gunfighters coming to town to clean up Dodge City."
    Ron Hermann, Loveland, CO

    "America has never before been in need of a great leader, one who has stood up in the worst times and the goood times [like John McCain]. One who will stand up for America, when we need him most."
    Raymond A. Thomas, FL

    "My husband and I are both Veterans; He's a Marine, I'm a Soldier. Our military service members deserve the best Commander in Chief, and that is John McCain. To command the most powerful military in the World, you must have the character and strength found in Senator John McCain."
    Kelli D. Anderson, Bend, OR

    "I have served with the Kansas Army National Guard twice. In the early 80's and again starting in 2000. I was deployed to Saudi Arabia on 9-11, and served from 11-05 to 10-06 in Baghdad, Iraq. I have watched Senator McCain for years now as the only person on the Hill that has actually brought the two parties together and PASSED legislation. If anyone can bring real change to DC, it is John McCain... it is certainly NOT a senator that has only served on the Hill for all of 4 years! As well as Senator McCain showing his true wisdom by choosing Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential canidate... Go McCain/Palin!!!"
    Phillip E. Masterson, Wichita, KS

    "Currently serving in Iraq, VERY concerned about outcome of this election."
    Name witheld, FPO address

    "I just got back from Iraq, the surge is working! I was part of a Gen P project called Village of Hope in Hwar Rajab where he put 28 Air Force RED HORSE Engineers on a Patrol Base to teach/empower the Iraqi civilians to rebuild their homes. The Iraqi's are proud people and want us to help them become a great country. Senator McCain is the guy that has that issue and every other one in the right direction."
    Name witheld, Shaw AFB, SC

    "I love this [Palin] woman - hunt/fish/drills for oil. Hell her favorite meal is moose stew."
    Kerry Ridgway


    "As an Iraq Veteran and American Patriot, John McCain is the only choice for my beloved country."
    Michael S Deckman, Griswold, CT

    "Proud to support Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin."
    Matthew Anders, Cape Girardeau, MO

    "I admire him for his service and never give up sytle in all his endevors. I'm impressed with his vision in picking a solid VP who might make the difference in differentiating his ticket from Bush."
    Richard J. Casey, Oshkosh, WI

    "I'm ready to elect a pro veteran President, John McCain."
    Terry L. Varner, Genevieve, MO

    "We are very proud of you and Gov. Palin! We wish you all the very best! Your are wonderful and beautiful people. Please send us some stickers so that I can proudly put them in our cars. Thank you so much. I have sent our donation via mail. Your loving supporters."
    Bob and Emily Burns, Antelope, CA

    "We need to build our strength in numbers as sworn defenders of the Constitution Of The United States and ensure that our country stays on the right track and get John McCain in office!!"
    Aaron R. Allen, Hillsboro, OR

    "I am from a family of Vets and what Obama wants to do with our Military would put our country in great peril. Bill Clinton was not honest when he said Obama was for the troops because when you see this video you will realize that what he plans to do would only hinder our troops. Thanks for YOUR SERVICE and for reading this."
    Deborah Lopez, Port Arthur, TX

    "PROUD US Air Force Veteran and Catholic who supports a true American, John McCain"
    Dale H. Fogle, Woodbridge, VA

    "As a retired Member of the US Army, I support John McCain and thank him for his service. I know he will take care of us Vets."
    George F. Strauch, Bothell, WA

    "I'm an Army veteran who has been a lifelong Democratic Party voter. This year I am voting my conscience and voting to keep my country and her defense strong. This year I'm voting for John McCain."
    Deborah J. Ryder, Durham, NC

    "Do people not remember how much the American Flag raised the morale, courage, and determination of this great country after 9/11. Now to have Barack Obama show no respect to the American Flag, is a slap in the face to anyone that calls themselves an American. Remember Old Glory represents the United States, along with the title of President of the U.S.A."
    Jeremy W. Waldschmidt, Trinidad, CO

    "Take a long hard look at each presidential candidates position. This patriot could never support Obama following his snub of our Wounded Warriors in Germany. How can Obama hope to be Commander in Chief of Americas Defense Forces following this snub. What a disgrace to our men & women serving and Veterans from all branches of Americas Armed Forces. Keep The United States of America GREAT. Have the courage to discuss this with your misguided liberal friends. A Veteran for McCain. "
    Ronald F. Jones, Duluth, GA

    "Senator McCain will continue to serve, and I mean SERVE his Country with Honor and distinction. We cannot afford to have four years of his opponent in the White House."
    John C. Carey, FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO

    "How can we have a Commander in Chief of our military and this Great Nation, if he doesn't have prior military experience?"
    Terry L. Hensley, Resaca, GA

    "It truly is a priviledge to support a seasoned Commander in Chief who supports the troops who are the backboane of our great Country! Best to all,"
    Bob Lee, Orlando, FL

    "I heard today, Obama saying McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns. Funny BUT, Obama doesn't know how many states make up America! Obama is the one with a selective memory, sometimes he contradicts what he said only a few sentences earlier! As a Vet, I would follow McCain through hell, while it is difficult to "follow" what Obama says or where he is going to lead America!
    John C. Skaggs, Indianapolis, IN

    "I am a disabled vet who belives McCain is the only choice for this country. My wife is an avid supporter and is working on getting more help for vets and their families. We went thru so much and if I didn't have her help I would have given up. We need a president that can recognize the need for a Military influence. John McCain is the only hope."
    Michael L. Whetung, Kewaskum, WS

    Semper Fi,"
    Mike McFadden, Berwyn, PA

    "I am the veteran who drove over 150 miles to see John McCain. He is just what every American needs, honor, courage and commitment to this country. If I could serve again it would be an honor to have him as Commander in Chief. I salute you sir."
    Michael A. Haines, Peebles, OH

    "As a member of Gathering of Eagles we stood firm against anti - War Protestors. Now we stand firm behind John McCain."
    Mike Bradley, FL

    "While I don't always agree with you John, I am totally petrified at the alternative. Best wishes and Good luck. Thanks for your willingness to serve our nation one more time."
    Walter R. Peterman, Woodbridge, VA

    "I served during the Gulf War and Enduring Freedom, and would like to convey that it would be an honor to serve under Senator McCain, a very respected hero as he becomes the Commander-In-Chief."
    Amanda K. Hall, Phoenix, AZ

    "This election, more than any I have voted in before, requires that America elect a strong leader who understands the opportunities as well as the risks of the world stage. That man is John McCain. He is highly experienced at every level of government, and is a man of his convictions. I trust him and I believe him, and I share both his values and his vision for America. John McCain is a true American hero who we can depend on to tell us the truth and make the hard decisions as Commander in Chief. He is the best choice for the next leader of the American people."
    Peter M. Mott, Lake Forest, IL

    "I know John McCain will see that all veterans can get prescription coverage. We don't need to use the Veteran's already over-burdened hospitals and clinics, but just need to have our prescriptions covered. I have a blood medicine that costs $7,000 a month. God Bless You,"
    Milton C. Peterson, Sr, Apex, NC

    "I am a Clearwater Florida police Officer and a navy reservist. I was previously recalled to active duty for an Iraq mission and am preparing to leave now for an Afghanistan mission. I am near retirement from the Navy Reserves and strongly desire that I, any of my shipmates, nor any other service members, not call Obama Commander-in-Chief. It is discouraging that he is even competing with the likes of a man such as John McCain; a man who is tried, tested and true. I trust that as people look beyond the surface, they see the true character of Obama...or lack thereof. I hope and pray John McCain wins this election and that we service members share a role in making that happen."
    Barry Paul Balmer, Clearwater, FL

    "When given a choice of Patriot or Panzy - I'll choose Patriot every time !"
    Rick D. Goodrich, Concord, NC

    "I served as a Gunners-Mate on board a Flecther Class Destroyer 1964-1966, I followed John McCains entire career in the Navy, I have watched the footage of the carrier fire and POW years over and over, and read everything I could find on John McCain, in my opinion and all of my Veteran friends opinion, John McCain deserved the Medal Of Honor, we hold John McCain in the same category as Sergeant Alvin York and Lt. Audy Murphy. John McCain is a national treasure."
    Jeff M. Carter, GMG USNR, Hartwell GA

    "John McCain can and will lead our country in the right direction."
    Michael A. Halvorsen, Little Egg Harbor, NJ

    "Began my military service in the US Navy in 1981. I spent 2004 serving in Kuwait and the North Arabian Gulf supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2006 I crossed over to the US Army Reserves. I will soon leave for my second tour in OIF, this time serving in Iraq. In November, I will cast my vote from the somewhere in Iraq, serving my country as Mr. McCain did."
    Mark G. Smith, CA

    "God help the USA....we need John McCain for President. There is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama does not have the core values to lead, especially in a time of war. His friends are highly questionable. He will take this country on a socialist path."
    Robert F. Engel, Edison. NJ

    "We need a MAN with military experience to take over as our CIC. That's you John! ... The US needs you now so don't let us down by playing "he said - I said" with Obama, Please be more assertive and take the high ground. Semper Fi "
    Donald R. Humphreys, MA

    "There is no doubt that John McCain is the only choice for President that will support our veterans and military,"
    Lewis R. Bradley, Chandler, AZ

    "McCain is the kind of president this country needs, especially now. His honor, integrity, loyalty and experience are unquestionalble. We need a president who understands what we are fighting for and what finishing the job is all about! I was in the 6912th Electronic Security Group, USAF in West Berlin, Germany - before the wall came down. I'd love to get a bumper sticker to show my support as a vet."
    Sheila R. Cowling, Leesburg, VA

    "The single most qualified man to run for office in the last 100 years. An officer, a gentleman, a man of honor for this country that is so needed."
    Alvin R. Goldman, West Bloomfield, MI

    "As a U.S. Navy veteran during Operation Desert Storm, I think John McCain is the most qualified candidate to be President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. He knows what it takes to get the job done and is not afraid to take the fight to the enemy. He won't turn and run or try to negotiate with terrorists and he won't sell our country out to those who would destroy our way of life. This stands in stark comparison to his opponent who has already conceded to failure on the battlefield in Iraq. His opponent would bring home our troops before the job of securing Iraq is done and his opponent has said he would try to talk to our enemies, the same enemies who have sworn to crush us and spread their form of radical Islam. For these reasons I'm supporting John McCain!"
    Donald L. Kozlowski, Tipton, MI

    "I read the first book by Obama. He is so far to the left he would destroy our country that we love, and have given so much to protect a way of life that Obama does not understand, and never will."
    William P. Brown, Henderson, NV

    "Fight a good fight sir! Dont Send us home until we are done in Iraq. My family loves me no matter where I am."
    David W. Eller, Killeen, TX

    "This country cannot afford to have Obama in the White House. We need a strong military and a strong experinced leader like Senator McCain who knows what is really going on and will not back off and appease the enemy like Obama. He (Obama) is too dangerous to hold that position and he reminds me of a slick car salesman and the general public better wake up before its too late."
    William G. Simpson, Danville, NH

    "He [McCain] has to be tough. *****footing around ain't gonna win the election. Obama is a real threat to this country."
    Larry Bailey, NC

    "Sen. McCain has proven himself time and time again that he is a dedicated American, and dedicated TO America - a rare breed in this day and age - Sen. McCain is an American patriot, and we should have nothing less than that in the White House!"
    Craig Brockman, Port St Lucie, FL

    "There has never been a man more qualified to lead us to the end of the wars in Iraq and Afganistan. Good luck Senator McCain."
    Casaundra I. Wallace, Gilbert, AZ

    "Never be afraid to do what is right. Thank-you for all you have done and continue to do, not because we deserve it but because your heart is unselfishly full of love."
    Jeanette Doty, NC

    "From Nam to present war in SW Asia , there has never been a better Commander In Chief who represent those "who have given all to keep America free". THIS VET "knows that McCain backs his knowledge/ test under fire" soo far beyond Obama who struts like he knows what war is all about" !! HE IS all talk with " NO WALK"... VETS back a true Warrior when War is the real thing, not a political chess game... I Served in Iraq as a Medical Warrior, would resign my commission before returning to combat under a "hollywood talker""
    William H. Evans, Irvington, VA

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    "Now that I'm retiring, I especially want my soldiers to have a knowledgeable, decisive Commander in Chief who is committed to this best use of our troops worldwide. John McCain is that man!"
    Crystal Rasmussen, Miami, FL

    "As the Arizona Chair of Veterans for McCain it is both an honor and pleasure to support John McCain for President of the United States. His selfless service to our nation as a fellow aviator in the military and as a public servant representing the people of Arizona demonstrates his commitment to our nation and our way of life. Knowing and having volunteered for Senator McCain on his Military Service Academy Selection Committee for several years John McCain operates with honor, integrity and a passion to do what it is best for the next generation."
    Frank Schmuck, Tempe, AZ

    "We need a commander in chief who has strength of character and who has been tested. John McCain scores on both counts!"
    Bob Young, Agusta, GA

    "I'm a life member of the DAV, and I pray for you everyday, my brother!"
    Charles L. Mabe, Star, NC

    "I wish to thank John McCain for his service to our country and I am proud to call him brother.
    William C. Bonner, TN

    "I would like to help in Senator McCains campaign to be our next President. We need to show those that he is the 1 & only American to be the next President of the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave, because of the Brave."
    Warren L Lisk, Willow Spring, NC

    "Senator McCain is the clear choice. He will stop pork barrel spending, work across party lines to achieve the goals we all want for this country. He has character, honesty and integrity. Mr. Obama has lied about things such as telling the people of Illinois he would finish his term in the US Senate before seeking higher office, his past relationship with his mentor and when he opted out of public financing he lied and tried to spin it to look like he never said he would take it. Senator McCain has shown his true colors and integrity by not changing his stance on public financing. A man of his word. Will put the country first."
    David Allison, Stafford, VA

    "We need a Commander In Chief with traditional values."
    Chester L. Ranck, Williamsburg, VA

    "I just read a story about the AFL-CIO trying to gather veterans that are also union members to vote against Sen. McCain. As both a vet and a union member with the AFL-CIO I think that this is a terrible use of the unions bullying powers! The unions tend to force their members into voting their way and now they are going after the vet vote too. As a veteran, union member and a proud american I say we put an end to this right now."
    Shawn W. Treadaway, Marine City, MI

    "The core values of the Navy are honor, courage and commitment. I believe that these are values that every American should live by and that Sen. McCain shows these values day in and day out."
    Jerry T. Tinga, Wilsonville, OR

    "At no time in history have we ever needed a president with strength, dedication, and love of our country as we do now. God bless John McCain and God Bless the United States of America!"
    Gaye A. McKinney, PA

    "I am Proud to have served my Country, I may not always agree with everyone in it, but I love this land called America and will forever defend her from threats foreign and DOMESTIC! Anyone who can survive a POW camp for more than five years, has got my vote."
    Luke A. Denton, Greensboro, NC

    "The arrogant ignorance of Mr. Obama is, like the agnorant ignorance of those who blindly support him, the biggest threat to this country and the freedom we enjoy. While I strongly disagree with Mr. McCain on some issues, his courage and his service to this country make it very clear that he understands the challenges of preserving liberty. He is a man in whom Americans can place their trust; trust that the right calls will be made in times of challenge."
    Roger L. Cole, Mobile, AL

    "Our fighting men and women deserve a commander who understands the world suituition. A commander who will protect his resourses and use them wisely. Only John McCain has such experience."
    Max A. Clark, Kettering OH

    "All I can say is I trust John McCain."
    Fred J. Dileo, Collegeville, PA

    "You can thank General Wes for convincing a devoted Democrat to vote for the qualified candidate this year."
    Thomas D. Sutton, Murrells Inlet, SC

    "[I flew] 100 missions over N. Viet Nam, shot down in Mu Gia pass but rescued. John McCain is the only fully qualified candidate for President of the US."
    Gregory A. Kuehner, OH

    "Our troops deserve a qualified Commander in Chief. Senator McCain is qualified, mr. obama is not. -'nuff said"
    Hal G. Borowiak, Aurora, IL

    "As a two-time, Purple Heart recipient in the War on Terror, (one in Lebanon and one in Iraq), I strongly believe in protecting this Nation, and I feel Senator McCain not only feels the same way, but also, unlike his opponent in the upcoming election, Senator McCain has the intestinal fortitude to make the decisions needed to get the tasks at hand completed. The safety and FREEDOM of my children comes first!"
    Larry W. Gill, Semmes, AL

    "This country is/has going to pot and we need a Vet as Comander of our Armed Forces and this country."
    David A. Murphy, Sterling, VA

    "As proud to stand up for a Viet Nam Vet like McCain as I was ashamed of a Viet Nam Vet like John Kerry!!!"
    Warren P. Sweeney, Whiting, NJ

    "As a veteran, I feel that Barack Obama's policies in iraq will surely cost me a few friends."
    Nick Houghton, Sarasota, FL

    "We are losing our Republic. Unless this is re-found, we will lose our Nation. We are a Government of the People, by the People and for the People. Not a Government of the Government , by the Government and for the Government. We are a Nation under God for all Religions under God."
    Gerald M. Steinberg, Paris, VA

    "I believe John to be the real thing, he's walked the walk, been there done that. I'm a democrat but I won't hesitate to vote GOP. McCain will provide the leadership that we need at this time in our history, he has a proven track record of working in a bipartisan way to get things done. The opposition can't say that because it hasn't happened. We need straight talk and clear headed decisions, not empty, flowery rhetoric."
    Paul B. Stone, Harrisburg, OR

    "Captain McCain, You are a hero and a "Great American". You can expect my vote in November. Keep your head high - and win the election. My warmest regards to your family."
    A. Vic Poillucci, Woodbridge, VA

    "Proud Vietnam Veteran Supporting A True American Hero For PRESIDENT."
    Prentice C. Dawkins, Rockingham, NC

    "As a retired Army Colonel I support Senator McCain right down the line. He is the only candidate who is qualified to implement the National Security Strategy of the United States, or the National Military Policy. His opponent is well educated and articulate, but has absolutely no integrity whatsoever. His political views approach Marxism, and are congruent with the failed policies of th LBJ era. If his opponent gets into office it will take this country 30 years to correct the mess he would leave behind."
    John W. Harden, Jr., Atlanta, GA

    "McCain is the clear choice as our country's CIC."
    J. D. Scott, Missoula, MT

    "The election of Obama will result in the destruction of this great nation. We cannot allow this to happen."
    Connie Brownson, Driftwood, TX

    "We need a real man to lead this country and not Obama false promises and prophecy."
    Ron Moore, KY

    "Military service should be a requirment for anyone wishing to serve as Commander In Chief. Only someone who has served is qualified to lead our armed forces."
    Corey W. Forde, Mililani, HI

    "I am serving in Iraq at this time. This is my third deployment over here. I don't believe anyone should speak for the vets unless they have been in some situaiton as the soldiers are in today. For Obama to say he speaks for all vets, he doesn't know how wrong he is. He needs to live like the vets and go through what the vets go through before he speakes for them."
    A Soldier in Iraq

    "The person who wants to be my President I must have complete trust and respect for. John McCain is that person."
    Douglas A. Johnson, Rochester, MN

    "I am a disabled Vietnam veteran who served during the time of Mccain's imprisonment and I have a pretty good idea of the hell he endured for his country. I am sure that it was his thoughts of freedom like my own that kept him alive and I will fight next to him anytime. God bless him for his new battle!"
    William E. Duquette, St Augustine, FL

    "Obama does not have the right to speak for us. Rangers Lead the Way!!!"
    Michael R. Johnson, TX

    "I am a three service veteran, USMC, USN, USAF, 1974 to present and I have never been happier to support a presidential candidate as much as I am to support John McCain."
    Michael C. McDermott, Newburgh, NY

    "I think Sen. McCain is by far the best candidate for President. He has the experience, he understands the Military and what needs to be done to protect America. I do believe, however, that he needs to start being a little tougher on the Democrat nominees. When you have links to terrorists and radical religious ministers, you have to be able to take advantage of this and call Sen. Obama to publicly state his reasons for these connections. We cannot have people running for the Nation's highest office that support anti-American views. A Korean Vet and proud member of the VFW and American Legion."
    Alan Setherley, Tucson, AZ

    "We need to be the foot soldiers in the McCain Army."
    Jarred A. Fishman, Rockville, MD

    "Am I the only one irritated that Obama is wearing a USMC T-shirt while playing basketball on TV? If you didn't earn it, don't wear it. Mac's the only one who has the right to wear a BTDT shirt, none of the others do."
    Raymond C. Hoover Jr., Athens, GA

    "I'm an Iraq vet and Vets For Freedom member. Go McCain!"
    Michael Honeycutt, MN

    "As a veteran of both Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom, I not only support John McCain, I believe it is an historic imperative that he be elected President in 2008. With the threats facing America and the world, we need a leader who has proven his mettle in the heat of battle and a man whose courage is unquestioned by virtue of his deeds. God help us if either Democrat is elected."
    Chuck Grist, FL

    "I certainly do not agree with John McCain on all his positions, especially his stand last year regarding amnesty for illegals in this country. But at the same time I also realize if we do not support this Republican nominee we are going to end up with one of the [most undesireable] results this country has ever experienced. Barack Obama is not fit to be Commander in Chief of this Nation. If he gets that position as a result of anyone reading this who did not support McCain, then you will live to regret that choice with great lament!"
    Robert Rohrer, Bermuda Run, NC

    "Senator McCain, Thank you for your service in Viet Nam, and your years in Congress. As future President of our great Nation, stick to your guns on backing the Military, and continue to help make us stronger, you'll always have OUR support and look forward to you becoming my CINC! Thank you Sir!"
    Michael P. Brady, Abilene, TX

    "God bless John McCain for both his Miltary Service, and Service in the Senate."
    Michael A. Danese, Cedar Grove, TN

    "[Iım] searching for vet for McCain bumper stickersŠI am a 1LT with the 2BCT of 2ID just returning from duty in Southeast Baghdad, Iraq and am a strong McCain supporterŠ"
    1LT David S Ferstl, Colorado Springs, CO

    "Looking for vet bumper sticker for my son returning from Iraq. My wife Mary Ann and army lieutant son are all strong McCain supporters and we will continue to do so!"
    James H. Ferstl, Fresno, CA

    "America needs a leader who has served his country and understands the hardships the people in uniform go through."
    Kevin L. Minor, MA

    "I served in the military under President Reagan, President Bush, & President Clinton & I watched the morale plummet after Clinton took office. We deserve to get back to work & focus on what's important, defense, not on feel good programs that the soldiers have to take. I agree that our soldiers need to be held responsible for their actions and/or disrespect to others, while at the same time focusing our efforts on helping the weak & those who long to be free. You can tell the virtue of a country by how many want to get in & how many want to get out."
    James E. Pfost, Jr., Nampa, ID

    "Finding the other candidates to be nothing more than socialists, I support Senator McCain wholeheartedly."
    David Wick, Sewell. NJ

    "Finally, a candidate with integrity, honor, loyalty."
    Dennis N. Blackmore, Virginia Beach, VA

    "John McCain looks out for the military, both active, guard, reserves, and retired. He is by far the best potential President in these hard times. No nation who loves peace ever wants to go to war and place our military in harm's way, but this nation has been attacked by demonically led Osama Bin Laden and we need a man who FULLY understands the military need of this nation to keep it free and to crush its enemies."
    Robert J. Seals, Sr., Chandler, AZ

    "I was first an Army paratrooper and later a Navy pilot. I'm also a Vietnam vet and retired from the Navy after 25 years combined service. I believe in the value and need for our military and the mission it's been given in the War on Terror, whether in Iraq, Afganistan or elsewhere. Today, I'm a small business owner. I also believe in a free and sovereign America: individual freedom, religious freedom, the right to life, national security, a free economy, fiscal responsibility and freedom from unneccessary government intrusion in our lives. The ideas and positions put forth by Fred Thompson strongly resonate with me and I hope they'll be carried forward. I entered adulthood as a Democrat but today I'm a Republican because the Democrat Party no longer shares my core beliefs. I believe John McCain is now our best bet to protect and advance the values and traditions I and most Americans believe in. That's why I'll vote for him in November for President of the United States."
    Terrell W. Fulbright

    "When I hear the word "change" they mean to go back to the ways of the Clinton Administration. Back to a socialist rule and to ignore the rule of law.....I wouldn't trust Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to petsit my cats because they would mess that up. They talk to much out of each side of there mouth and they're both dangerous."
    Carl S. Wolf, Cheyenne, WY

    "This man, John McCain, is the people's man. John McCain has earned our respect the hard way. The only person who can truly understand what John has been through, would be another Prisoner of War. The rest of us can truly understand how much that we value our Freedom and all of our Liberties, but we can never know the true price until we have been put to such a test. As for me and my wife, we want to have a President who understands our basic rights. And one who also knows what it's like to lose them."
    David McKee, High Springs, FL

    "I'm a believer in our great country, our preservation of the 2nd ammendment and the support of an unselfish proven Leader."
    James N. Palladino, Austin, TX

    "John McCain is absolutely the only one qualified to be Commander in Chief. Hillary and Obama command no respect and have absolutely no experience or leadership ability. For the good of our country as we know it, it is imperative that we all turn out to vote for John McCain." James S. Steele, Jacksonville, FL

    "As a veteran, McCain is the only remaining candidate I can support to continue to prosecute the war to a successful conclusion."
    Tom Whitfield, Carrollton TX

    "I think Mr McCain is the only candidate qualified to become the leader of the US of A. Obama is too inexperienced and Clinton thinks she knows everthing. I shutter to think of what would happend if she were elected."
    Jack Wetzel, TX

    "Fellow Vets, Im a Fred Thompson supporter, but as we know, he is gone. So, John McCain is our only Hope in this Presidential Race. Im with him now."
    Mike Podemski, Willow Springs, MO

    "I have voted for Senator McCain in Arizona. I have watched his carreer. This man will lead us to victory over the Jihadist. I don't always agree with what he says. I do know that he means what he says and keeps his promises. John McCain is a true American hero and a brother in arms."
    Todd Boggs, Boise ID

    "In this day and time we as a nation need a warrior, not a wimp."
    Gene Stillings, Manchester, TN

    Robert E. Farris, Sr., Greenville, SC

    "There is no mistaking it, we are at a crossroads in this Country, all must rise to the call to re-establish the United States as a world leader willing to work with international officials of government to resolve conflicts around the world. As we have been focused on Iraq, and we should be, there still is unrest and war in other parts of the world which have our interests at stake. We will need a leader posed to step in immediately and take action. Not take time to "learn the Ropes". We need Mr. John McCain now, no other man will be able to handle the job that is needed. Stand with him now or realize the grave danger our Country will be in if we fail to elect Mr. McCain."
    Jeffrey La Berdia, Concord, NC

    "I cannot imagine anyone of the three people who are running for POTUS and CinC except John McCain."
    William Lawrence, KY

    "America needs a man that has paid the price for freedom to run this country and not a person that does not put his hand over his heart when we pledge our flag or sing our anthem. We also do not need a person that so power hungry that she would stay with a man that has the reputation that Mr. Clinton has. We need a person of courage,experience and leadership."
    Earl Keeling, Kingwood, TX

    "... John McCain is by far the better choice for the USA of the remaning three candidates. And, I pledge my full support to John McCain."
    James Broyles, VA

    "It's an honor to support this true American hero and patriot. Very few people can come near the bravery this man has displayed in his service for his country. As a Navy vet in Jacksonville, FL... I SALUTE YOU AND PRAY FOR YOUR SUCCESS!!!"
    Debra R. Monahan, FL

    "John McCain is the only possible sane alternative to the Obama-Clinton appeasement train. "
    Edwin R. Robinson, Dale City, VA

    "Our country is in deep trouble if either of the democrates get elected. One is a 1960's anti-war activist, fact imbelisher who can't remember what she said or did. The other is just plain anti-american, with a different kind of agenda and belief, whom wants to cut and run from Iraq."
    Eric Galant, Millington, MI

    "We need a Commander-in-Chief with the willpower you have displayed. We're in to win."
    James F. Widener, South Burlington, VT

    "While not conservative enough for me on social, immigration and economic issues, I am compelled to support the only candidate remotely worthy of consideration in the remaining field. I suspect I will be a vigorous critic when McCain is elected, but I am committed to ensuring McCain gets elected. The alternative is too embarrassing and depressing to consider..."
    Kevin Hanson, Minneapolis, MN

    "Everyday of my life I have been proud to be an American; it is not just recently as some might say. Senator McCain represents all of us who consider ourselves to be patriots. It is essential to defeat those who are not so proud to be an American. God Bless America and God Bless John McCain in his bid to become our Commander in Chief.....a CinC that we can all be proud to serve."
    Gene W. James, CA

    "These dangerous times call for a Rock Solid Commander In Chief. There is really no choice at all. McCain in 2008 !!!!"
    Nickolas P. Marshall, Minnetonka, MN

    "Vote for Senator McCain or you are voting for change we can't afford."
    David G. Kulasiewicz, Chesapeake Beach, MD

    "We cannot afford one of the types in the Whitehouse. Lets get John the job!"
    Stephen C. Heitzer, Coopersburg, PA

    "All other issues pale in comparison to National Security and who will lead our military in a positive way for the welfare of our country. John McCain is by far the best candidate in this arena."
    Wayne W. Baldwin, Phoenix, AZ

    "Hillary did me a great favor with her ad that asks, " Who do you want to answer the phone in the White House at 3:00 AM ?". It sure as hell is NOT Hillary or Obama. I want someone who knows where our carriers are and knows how to use them. I DON'T want someone to call Nancy Pelosi, form a committee, 'take it under advisement' and then try to locate our carriers."
    Bob Hardwick, Houston, TX

    "Senator John McCain is the only real choice at this point in the Presidential race. I don't want a second Clinton, because we'll have the first Clinton also. I don't want Obama as President because he is too controversial and liberal."
    James O. McVey, Culloden, WV

    "We are now engaged with an enemy of the world that dates back to the Biblical times. One that has been beaten many times before only to resurface and gorge at the freedom of all nations in the world. The American Veterans have pledged their service and their lives in the name of freedom, against oppression and social survival. Veterans possess the discipline and understanding of what is required of one to lead and this person is one of our own... John McCain.
    Tempered in the fires of Hell, brought before the enemy in judgement and returned to his homeland, John McCain will lead our nation in the name of freedom, prosperity and liberty, forged over two-hundred years ago. One only needs to look into his eyes once to measure his love of our nation and our people. As standard-bearers, we trust him, stand beside him and will fight with him against all that would destroy us. Give them Hell John McCain and together we will close the gates to Hell... one final time. God Bless you and God Bless America."
    Daniel O. Jacob, Armada, MI

    "Democrats have serious problems understanding the terrorists we face. A party that impugns and dishonors the integrity of great men, with increasingly disturbing signals of weakness, doubt and division has no place in our White House. Their aim is simply power for themselves not protection for the American People. Our country is at War at home. Democrats and fanatics are attempting a hostile take-over of our way of life by feeding us propaganda, Defeatist ideals and policies.
    Americans want Leadership, not partisan victories leaving the nation polarized, unprotected in a war our soldiers are not allowed to win or leave. There can be no 'maybe' in our collective voice to defend our country. There isn't time for a Presidency beholden to groups of elite fanatics fought, won on hate. The battle for the Presidency is now! The current administrations inability to function properly throughout the Iraq engagement has sprung the citizens' doubts about its legitimacy. One man has from day one unwaveringly stated his criticism and the course of action needed for victory.
    In 1954 a young man began his first year at the U.S. Naval Academy. In 1973 That young man and nearly 600 POWs were released from the longest wartime incarceration in U.S. history. In 2005 The Eisenhower Institute awarded him the Eisenhower Leadership Prize; recognizing an individuals lifetime Accomplishments perfectly reflecting Dwight Eisenhower's legacy of integrity and leadership! That man is our first and best line of defense. That man came on a bus today to rally public support before entering in yet another battle on our behalf.
    Lincoln once said; "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan - to do all which may achieve and cherish a Just and lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations."
    History must be written of, by and for the survivors. If we are truly to be the survivors, it will be because men like John McCain led us there."
    Sheridan B. Folger, Dover, NH

    "Senator McCain will continue to take the fight to the terrorist, support our military, and win the war in Iraq and Afghanistan not cut bait and run. He is the only one of the three now running who can answer that 3AM telephone call and know what to do."
    Nicholas Caliendo, Norman, OK

    "As a veteran I can add my total support to Sen. McCain. We need someone that has been through what is needed to make serious and difficult decisions. I served in Gitmo Bay Cuba, during the Cuban Missle Crisis and know how important our military is to the security of the country. I do not believe either of the Dems have what it takes, Also hate their domestic policies. Taxes, healthcare etc... We all need to support Sen McCain."
    Jerry Bell, Jefferson City, TN

    "As A WWII veteran, America needs a Commander in chief whou understands that we all must be safe. While the Democrats just don't understand that if we leave Iraq now, more problems will arise. If the US didn't get involved in WW II against the Germans and keep pushing with our allies we would all be speaking German today!!!"
    Norman Spagnolo, Bernardsville, NJ

    "Let's get this warrior elected."
    Stephen W. Vann, Virginia Beach,VA

    "I believe this may be the most important election of my lifetime. The thought of a BHO or HRC presidency is frightening. They are both extreme liberals but truth be told, the BHO possibility is even worse then the HRC one. For a taste of the future, see the video on Fox News concerning the religious leader of BHO's chosen church of the last 20 years. I think we may be about to let a fox in the hen house if we can't get the Republicans excited about this race."
    Jose M. Gonzalez, Franklin, WV

    "The most important issue today is national security. Without a Commander in Chief who is an experienced and determined defender and leader of our military and it's mission, our nation will suffer immensely. John McCain stands head and shoulders above his competition in this area and in this campaign."
    R. M. "Rusty" Howell, Washington, PA

    "War in IRAQ and on Terror must be won!"
    John G. Ellis, Ellisville, MS

    "Give 'Em Hell McCain!!!"
    Kieran Lalor, Peekskill, NY

    "As an Iraqi vet I recognize the absolute necessity for us to be there and finish the job."
    Jesse A. Marcel, MT

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    I respect what they think and the only problem I have is Obama fought for the education bill for GI's and McCain didn't want what now is a great education package for active military members.

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    [QUOTE=cr726;2748668]I respect what they think and the only problem I have is Obama fought for the education bill for GI's and McCain didn't want what now is a great education package for active military members.[/QUOTE]
    He fought pretty hard against the surge, too. Not the judgment this country needs.

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    Alright Already, We Geeeet The Point!

    That was like Willy Wonka....etc etc....etc etc.....etc etc

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    Well, that accounts for a couple hundred vets.... now what about the other 150 thousand? ;)

    (Nightstalker's going to be busy....)

    If I posted 100 quotes from Vets for Obama, would that really convince anyone of anything? The premise is a waste of a lot of cutting and pasting.

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    [QUOTE=long island leprechaun;2748680]Well, that accounts for a couple hundred vets.... now what about the other 150 thousand? ;)

    (Nightstalker's going to be busy....)

    If I posted 100 quotes from Vets for Obama, would that really convince anyone of anything? The premise is a waste of a lot of cutting and pasting.[/QUOTE]

    :eek:No! No more quotes please. I'm all quoted out after this thread.

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    [QUOTE=long island leprechaun;2748680]Well, that accounts for a couple hundred vets.... now what about the other 150 thousand? ;)

    (Nightstalker's going to be busy....)

    If I posted 100 quotes from Vets for Obama, would that really convince anyone of anything? The premise is a waste of a lot of cutting and pasting.[/QUOTE]

    If you think the majority of vets will be voting for Obama, you are delusional...secondly, "the other 150 thousand"'s in the millions.

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    [QUOTE=cr726;2748668]I respect what they think and the only problem I have is Obama fought for the education bill for GI's and McCain didn't want what now is a great education package for active military members.[/QUOTE]

    Maybe because all of the pork attached!

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    Yea, ok. :yes:

    [QUOTE=NIGHT STALKER;2748685]If you think the majority of vets will be voting for Obama, you are delusional...secondly, "the other 150 thousand"'s in the millions.[/QUOTE]

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    I wonder how many of them voted for Bush.

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    [QUOTE=long island leprechaun;2748680]If I posted 100 quotes from Vets for Obama.....[/QUOTE]

    We're waiting.

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    Here are 1,537 who like Obama.


    [QUOTE=Warfish;2751129]We're waiting.[/QUOTE]

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    [QUOTE=Sharrow;2751081]I wonder how many of them voted for Bush.[/QUOTE]

    Or Dick "5 Vietnam Deferments" Cheney.

    I respect McCain and his military record but every policy he endorses (the Bush Economy, the Iraq War) has been an utter catastrophe. But hey, Barack Obama is a skinny black guy whose middle name is Hussein and he likes women and fags having rights so McCain is definitiely the better choice.

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    [QUOTE=cr726;2751258]Here are 1,537 who like Obama.


    Let's go for the lose.

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    He should also hire someone to wipe the white sh*t from the corners of his mouth and should hire someone to tell him it isn't very Christian to divorce your wife because she was disfigured in an accident. What a man of sound moral character. And a sh*tty pilot to boot. Neat. Pilots in the Iraqi Air Force don't crash as much. If he is going to run our country like he flew...we are all screwed.

    [B][SIZE="4"]McCain/Felcher '08[/SIZE][/B][/CENTER]

    Last edited by PlumberKhan; 09-15-2008 at 08:18 AM.

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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;2751757] are so patrio-fantastic!! You win you win!! Yippee!!!

    He should also hire someone to wipe the white sh*t from the corners of his mouth and should hire someone to tell him it isn't very Christian to divorce your wife because she was disfigured in an accident. What a man of sound moral character. And a sh*tty pilot to boot. Neat.


    Thank you. Your second paragraph is more of a "I'll get back at you" for winning doesn't bother me one bit. We're not all perfect in this world...well, maybe Obama and his followers like yourself.:rolleyes:

    Edit: Oh, I noticed you edited your post about me winning...LOL.

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    Gallup polled 2200 vets. Wow, what a jugular shot you took. :zzz:

    Where are those MILLIONS you are talking about? Don't get too excited and post something you do not fully understand.

    [QUOTE=NIGHT STALKER;2751748]Let's go for the lose.

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    [QUOTE=cr726;2751819]Gallup polled 2200 vets. Wow, what a jugular shot you took. :zzz:

    Where are those MILLIONS you are talking about? Don't get too excited and post something you do not fully understand.[/QUOTE]

    Do you think before you post? Any poll is a sampling. I guess I was supposed to post the millions that will be voting for McCain. You're really dillusional if you think the majority of vets will not be voting for McCain.

    And if you can read, which I highly doubt, the title of my thread is What [B]some[/B] veterans think of McCain.

    Also, read that entire link how vets vote...that speaks for the "millions" that will be voting.


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