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Thread: UFC Fight Night

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    UFC Fight Night

    Bye bye Houston Alexander. Enjoy fighting in Rage in the Cage and EliteFC for a few years and then fade into obscurity.

    You don't need Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to win in the UFC but you better know how to escape from the bottom position. He had no idea what to do on the ground.

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    Eh ok card tonight, not happy to see Mac lose. Nate Diaz is good, but such a punk, why does he even talk?

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    I know it's sad. I like Houston Alexander, I feel bad. He gave one of his kidneys to his daughter, has a bunch of wins. But you're right he's gotta learn some ground game.

    As for Nate, I hate his attitude and his punk image. Put him up with a decent fighter please so he can get his ass kicked. Put him up with like Sean Sherk or someone to get demolished. (No BJ Penn cause I don't want him to get a title fight). Just someone please just shut him up. Him and his other stupid brother Nick who's just as worse.

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    I was upset about Danzig losing too. He has great ground skills but Guida's wrestling skills were just a bit too much.


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