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Thread: Palin Interview #3:

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    [QUOTE=crazyeffinjetsfan;2771863]Newsflash: She's not running for President....Get over her already.[/QUOTE]

    :D Two weeks ago, I might have posted this.:yes:

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    [QUOTE=Golferjet;2771206]Sarah Palin is an idiot; the clock is running out on her 15 minutes.[/QUOTE]

    Sarah Palin is not an does your side no good to say that - it comes out mean spirited and nasty. It validates the Right claiming that people are ganging up on her and being disproportionate in their treatment.

    What she is is totally unprepared for the position of VP. That's not her fault - what ambitious person would say no when their party's candidate asks them to be their running mate?

    Up until August, she was managing a family of 7, with a newborn, as well as being Governor of Alaska. That's not an easy task. It doesn't leave you much time to bone up on any and all issues that may present themselves in a general election.

    Obama, while nearly as young as Palin, has spent the past 4-5 years with the single minded goal of running for President. With that in mind, he has studied every conceivable issue that could come up, both foreign and domestic, and still had a long bruising primary to filter out what works and what doesn't - to find what approaches, both personal and political, appeal to voters. Palin has had less than a month.

    There are a lot of supremely competent people that I know that have been around politics all their lives who would never be able to do what she is doing. I have a lot of respect for her, despite the fact that she is totally unqualified for the position she is running for now.

    She is definitely not an idiot, but she is now realizing what it truly takes to run for an office of this magnitute.


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