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Thread: Kimbo punches David Blaine in the gut, twice!

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    Kimbo punches David Blaine in the gut, twice!

    Did you see Kimbo punch David Blaine in the stomach twice?

    People don't realize how physically fit David Blaine is. He said it himself that his performance are acts of endurance. He hung upside down for 60 hours and got **** for taking 5 minute breaks. Try hanging upside down for 5 minutes and see how uncomfortable and dangerous it really is.

    Kimbo unloads twice on David Blaine and is no worse for the wear.

    You can also see Blaine catching a bullet in his mouth with a cup.

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    not bad... Love watching good magic. I know its fake and all an illusion yet it's still memorizing.

    dont really see the high risk in the bullet catch trick. seems like they have all the sensors and calculations mapped out to know exactly where the bullets gonna land. and that cup thing is impenetrable by a bullet. but on the other hand i probably still wouldnt do it

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    When you suspend disbelief, magic and illusions are fun. We know that it's smoke, mirrors and slight of hand.

    The bullet trick was calculated but the guy had a .22 pointed at his face and shot at point blank range. That takes a lot of balls.


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