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Thread: Ranger Tickets and Waiting List.

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    Ranger Tickets and Waiting List.

    Tried to get a full season last year and they were sold out so I got an 11 game package. This year Rangers call me and tell me all they have is another 11 game package and this years seats are in a worse location than last years but the good news is they've put a fee in for getting on a season ticket waiting list - 100 bucks for a full season and 50 for a partial plan and by having the 11 games I avoided the fee. About three weeks ago the Garden calls me at work and i've been moved up to a half season (psyched) so now I'm living in hope that either I get another call around the time the 2nd payments are due on full season plans (this would be October 10th) maybe some rich guys on Wall street won't get their hands on the bail out money fast enough or next year is my year for full season. Go Rangers!
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