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Thread: help with Fantasy Basketball keepers

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    help with Fantasy Basketball keepers

    i play this keeper league, 5x5 scoring (pts, rebs, asst, stls, blks) and have to keep 5 players.

    help me narrow it down. my top players are:

    Guards -- Joe Johnson, Jose Calderon, Monta Ellis

    Forwards -- Ron Artest, Pau Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge

    Centers -- Jermaine O'Neal, Shaq, Greg Oden

    as you can tell, injuries/reliability are a problem, but when healthy my team is VERY well-rounded and tough to beat.

    i would've normally kept Ellis, especially with Baron leaving GS, but Ellis' broken ankle makes him very tough to keep. Joe Johnson has been up and down, but he played lights-out after the Hawks traded for Bibby midseason. Calderon played great as a starter last year, and should only see more minutes now that they traded TJ Ford.

    Current keepers: Johnson and Calderon

    with the forwards, Gasol is a no-brainer. after that, it starts to get dicey. i LOVE Ron Artest. he's one of my favorite basketball players, and a great fantasy player... when he's not too busy wrecking my season. ugh. do i keep him again? is he gonna behave in Houston? will he get enough PT/touches with the likes of TMac, Yao, Battier and Scola already there? then again, he'll be reunited with Rick Adelman, his favorite coach of all time. Aldridge is solid in points and rebounds, but does little else. i don't think he's good enough to keep over Artest, but at least he's reliable.

    Current keepers: Pau and Ron-Ron

    as for centers, it's tough to argue against JO. but his injury really hurt me last year. of course, neither Shaq or Oden are pillars of health. there's no way i'm keeping Shaq, so it comes down to Oden or JO for the center spot. do i go with the injury-prone but proven commodity, and hope he regains his form/health as a Raptor? or do i go with the potential stud who could anchor my team for years to come... or could be a monumental bust??

    current keeper: Jermaine

    of course, nothing dictates that i have to keep 2 guards, 2 forwards and 1 center. i can mix and match all i want, as long as i keep 5 players. but ideally i would like my keepers to fill all my "base" positions, so that i can focus on drafting the BPA.

    any help/insight/input will be greatly appreciated.

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    I would drop Gasol and pick up Oden.

    Fantasy wise, Gasol is more of a defensive presence on the court and everybody knows that team relies on Kobe for the scoring. Plus the fact that Bynum is going to be back this year may cut in on Gasol's impact.

    Oden has much more upside, and will be a feature in the Portland run and gun offense that has the ability to be explosive this year. If it was a one year deal I would say Gasol, but since your in it for the long haul in a keeper's league, go with Oden.

    I would also drop Caluderon and keep Monta Ellis

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    5 keepers?

    oden, johnson, caderon, gasol, ellis* I would keep.

    Obviously no Monta for the first 2 months but look, when he's healthy, he has top 25 potential.

    oden was looking like a monster yesterday.

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    Aldridge, Gasol, Artest, Johnson and Oden.

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    I would keep all 3 guards, but that's just me, here's why:

    • You have to keep Calderon, without TJ breathing down his neck he will be a stud.
    • JJ is an up and coming stud and I hate that my Celtics didn't let him develop.
    • Monta will be a monster since BD is gone, albeit injured now, being this is a keeper, he will probably be so for years to come IMO.

    Ron Artest puts stats up across the board, and playing w/ TMAC and YAO I think will only help him.

    Here's where I am stuck...I want to say JO, but w/ his injury history and being 'older' I am inclined to say Oden...

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    thanks for all the input -- i think you guys just made my decision a lot tougher

    seriously though, much appreciated


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