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Thread: Our Way of Life Gone for Good?

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    [quote=kennesawjet;2793313]america has always been a selfish, me, me, that catered to its racism, favoritism, nepatism and will pay a heavy price for the way its done things. among other facades, america has never been good at is the notion that we are a religious nation, or caring country. (europians have never embraced religion, it was basicly a pagan nation) its just not in this countries make up. it never has been, we just made up and wrote epic works that we were. america will pay a great price for its double standards, as the rest of the world catch up we will be done as we have to all the others.[/quote]

    Yes, yes and yes.

    The Thirty Years War was fought over the size of holes in cheese and the length of waistcoats and not religion, because there was no religion in Europe.

    Americans are stingy plunderers raping the planet, yet
    Americans give twice as much as the next most charitable country, according to a November 2006 comparison done by the Charities Aid Foundation. In philanthropic giving as a percentage of gross domestic product, the U.S. ranked first at 1.7%. No. 2 Britain gave 0.73%, while France, with a 0.14% rate, trailed such countries as South Africa, Singapore, Turkey and Germany

    Words of domestic self-praise, I mean homage from Europe from the NYT in 1907:


    Your patriotism is unmatched.

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    [QUOTE=flushingjet;2795158]Your patriotism is unmatched.[/QUOTE]

    Only by your nationalism...;)

    Did I mention that Americans are fat?

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    [QUOTE=parafly;2793254]Unfortunately, this seems to be the path we are heading down. The fundamentals are simply a mess right now.

    The country produces very little. We have outsourced many of our industries. We constantly run up our deficits without a plan in place to reduce them. The value of the dollar is embarrassing.

    The American people live off credit. Significant cash savings are scarce. Home equity is a large portion of most people's portfolio and it continues to plummet.

    We are just in bad shape pretty much all across the board.

    It's really a shame because many of these things were predicted years ago. Ignorance is bliss, but having your head in the sand will eventually lead to disaster.[/QUOTE]

    While things are clearly bad, by any standard the US economy is more resiliant and better able to deal with massive problems than any economy in the world. The US dollar is not cheap, if it were we wouldn't have a trade deficiet which is the result of a currency that others value more than we do.

    We already see huge amounts of US money coming back into our country as the world goes into recession.

    We will be poorer for awhile as people pay down debt but at the end of the day money is coming back to the US because the US economy and government is more capable to restart than any where else in the world.

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    [quote=PlumberKhan;2795167]Only by your nationalism...;)

    Did I mention that Americans are fat?[/quote]

    I agree, they need to buckle down and acquire a work ethic, by any means necessary:

    [B]Enhancing the Vocational Skills of Incarcerated Women Through a Plumbing Maintenance Program[/B]


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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;2794499]Oh, silly Canadians.

    Scrapping Social Welfare programs isn't the answer...and not very Christian.
    Go and research Low Income Housing Tax Credit programs. It combines non-profit "fell goodedness" with for-profit developers to fix blighted neighborhoods and provide housing to people. The requirements and oversight is very exhaustive.


    Oh Plumb....VERY Christian actually. I never said the systems should be scrapped. But if you want to bring in theology, the bible is chalk full of examples of how we are to care for ourselves. We are not to be a burden on the state. But yes, we are to help a man when he is down. But when the man is down because he does not wish to work, then he does not deserve the help.

    Is this the majority? Of course not, but you must protect the system from this kind of exploitation, not welcome it with open arms.


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