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Thread: JI Political Forum

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    we scare because we care.

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    [QUOTE=sackdance;2796851]Then don't challenge mods.[/QUOTE]


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    [QUOTE=PlumberKhan;2797555]They are...really. You just have to get to know them more. It's true, they can really grate on the nerves...Flushing takes put-downs to an art form and I find myself reaching for a dictionary to see if he actually insulted me or not. But both he and CBTNY are extremely bright people. They didn't form their opinions watching FOX News...they have felt they way they have for a long time, long before FOX News was around.

    DeanPatsFan...well, for one he's a Pats fan. And two...he hopes Democrats die in terrorist attacks. I won't personally attack him here...but put 2 and 2 together.[/QUOTE]

    Did Dr. Beepers and Judge Smails promise you a spot in the club?

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    [QUOTE=Smashmouth;2796521]Just how damn out of control are the political views in this country become ? Is JI an example of the division in this country ? It sickins me to be honest . Im not writing this to cause trouble in any way, its an observation I have been watching develop for a long time.

    I consider myself a conservative but I absolutely hate conservative talk radio and I further hate how some conservatives conduct themselves, as if their way is the only possible correct way to view things. I actully think conservative talk radio is a huge problem in this country its almost like a disease. I speak to many people who listen to this media outlet and to be honest when you question them on the issues they actully have no clue as to why they take their stance. They just listen to Sean or Rush and think well thats the way its supposed to be. If you start to explain to them or even discuss the issue you get attacked "YOUR A GOD DAMN LIBERAL !!" Deos not really matter if you are or not the fact is these people are at the point where they cant even distinguish the difference. Some of them are so brain washed its really pathetic.

    Now please dont take this post as a response to the EY/HAM and others battle that is not my intention but that thread is a good example of the problems and dfferences people have. Can we no longer debate without attacking on another ? We all come to this forum for a common love of our football team the NY Jets not the love of our badly broken political system.

    Stop being so one sided folks and try to look at different perspectives when you come to the political forum and if you disagree with some one dont call them a name or attack them debate the issue at hand just like you would with a friend. Its better than losing the forum all together. Right ? Its better than not being able to post about the jets any longer. Right ?

    If you feel this thread will cause problems then go ahead and lock it. I had to get that off my chest[/QUOTE]

    Here's what I see:

    Someone somewhere stands up and yells something like "Bush is the devil" or 'If you don't like BO, you're either ignorant or a racist".

    These people are looking for a fight. Gone are the days when these comments would get an eyeroll or a shrug. If you're looking for a fight, you're gonna get one.

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    [QUOTE=quantum;2798169] Gone are the days when these comments would get an eyeroll or a shrug. If you're looking for a fight, you're gonna get one.[/QUOTE]

    What are you? Some sort of schmuck?


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    [QUOTE=32green;2798276]What are you? Some sort of schmuck?


    I've been called a doosh by someone better than you. :eek:


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