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Thread: Texas vs Oklahoma

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    My husband and kids just left the game - all 3 are hoarse! They said the both teams got a few bad calls.

    As we like to say in our house "it's 4:30 (here in Austin, Texas) and OU STILL SUCKS!!!

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    That was some game; the second half was better than the first.

    So you are a Jets fan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEJetsFan View Post
    game of the year so far...

    ...horrid officiating

    Lot of fun to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestCoastOffensive View Post
    That was some game; the second half was better than the first.

    So you are a Jets fan?
    Ever since Jerry Jones took over the Cowboys, the Oilers left Houston & the Texans didn't draft Vince Young we really don't pay too much attention to the NFL. We do follow certain players especially former Longhorn players and certain players from the State of Texas - we love our big 'ol Texas boys.

    We're following the Jets for the first time this year and good Lord it's a wacky and interesting world, you kind of get sucked into the whole experience. I enjoy this forum a great deal and most of the posters are extremely informative & entertaining, except I can't stand it when I do post something and someone writes "IF your really a girl". I just wish they would be more confident in their manhood, just look at some of my past posting! My answer here alone should put that to rest, you asked one simple question and get a 500 word discertation on my family & football - I have to be a girl to talk (write) so much; if I were a guy I would've just replied with "yea".

    My husband's vice is golf and Lonhorn sports - all of them but football is our favorite. My husband graduated from Texas in 1980 and hasn't missed a home game since 1976 or an away game since 1998. Our son hasn't missed a home game in 10 years nor an away game in 5 years-he's 13. Our daughter is in college and doesn't attend UT, she always thought it was too big and way too close to home-only 35 minutes; however, she did choose a school that DID NOT have a football program so she comes home for about 1/2 the Longhorn games.

    We start taking the kids to the OU game when they turn 5 and they haven't missed since. I didn't go yesterday because when I attend the Horns don't do so well so I've been politely banned by my family and friends.

    So in answer to your questions "Yes, this year we are Jets fans" We're really pulling for them, not just for the player we're following but for all the loyal and wonderful fans I've communicated with on this board. Alas, I also have have become another hopeful fan as well - I already have the Superbowl Penciled in my calendar! I've learned when you follow the Green & White you can always dream. Can't you?

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