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Thread: Ron Paul, Marcy Kaptur, Dr. Dean Baker on bailout

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    Ron Paul, Marcy Kaptur, Dr. Dean Baker on bailout


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    Ron Paul makes a great Statement here by saying "were looking to the people who actully caused the problem to slove it." many free market economists are saying this may trun into a 3 trillion dollar bailout. What happened to the market last week is not wall street making that happen its investors all around the world making it happen. We need to stop refering to Wall Street like its some type of singular entity. I think the negative impact in the market was actully due to the bail out becuase if what they are saying is true how does only 700 billion dollars fix a 10 trillion dollar problem. The entire Federal Reserve is broken and its not run by the Gov't its run by the same people who are stealing your money every day and funneling it to the rich.

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    Dr. Paul has made sense for quite some time now. IMO he was the only candidate who made sense on the republican side over the past year.


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