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Thread: Palin Booed At Rangers Game

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    Palin Booed At Rangers Game

    [URL=""]This is hilarious. [/URL]They had to pump up the music to drown at the boos. You can just on Gomez' face: This is awkward.

    I kind of feel bad for the daughters.

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    Man, them Philly fans are brutal.


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    I thought that this was a FOOTBALL board?

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    I don't blame the fans... Philly is extremely democratic town...

    the problem is that the owner of the Flyers (and sixers) Ed Snyder made a choice to inject politics into his product and the result was predictable. He ordered the sound to be at loudest possible and still the boos were obvious.

    It would be like having Obama flip the coin at Texas Oklahoma game. We can blame the crowd for being who they are or we can blame the bonehead who thought this was a good idea.

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    Palin sure is fine though. I could never outright boo at her even though I'm completely against her as a VP choice.


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