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Thread: Hopkins, Pavlik: Let's GET IT ON.

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    Hopkins, Pavlik: Let's GET IT ON.

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    Damn BHop is DOMINATING.

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    F'ing AMAZING.

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    that was an amazing performance by bhop.

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    This guy will never age! I've never seen a fighter retain so much of his skills so late in his career. He's a damn freak!

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    Finally caught the replay, I think that's Hopkins best performance since Trinidad.

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    Not to be skeptic, but it seems things were a little fishy in this fight.
    I would not rule out steroids...

    How can a guy who for the last 3 years has tired after 4 rounds have so much energy in this fight is beyond me.

    No clinching, no holding, just domination...

    Looked like a completely different fighter than he did vs. Calzaghe.

    Amazing stuff.


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