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Thread: Obama Clinches Joe Cabernet Sauvignon Vote

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    Obama Clinches Joe Cabernet Sauvignon Vote

    Funny Stuff from The Onion:

    Obama Clinches 'Joe Cabernet Sauvignon' Vote
    • Obama Practices Looking-Off-Into-Future Pose May 28, 2008
    • Obama Under Fire For Playing T-Ball During Vietnam October 10, 2008
    WASHINGTON—Following a strong performance by the Democratic nominee in Tuesday's presidential debate, political analysts overwhelmingly agree that Sen. Barack Obama has all but clinched the much-sought-after "Joe Cabernet Sauvignon" voting bloc. "Once again, Obama has proved his ability to speak directly to all the regular truffle-oil-guzzlin', Nabokov-readin', opera-attendin' folks who play such an important part in deciding this election," MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews said of the Illinois senator's strong connection with the nation's hardworking gallery owners, literary critics, and gourmet-cheese purveyors. "His strong rapport with the average haut monde Joseph could tip the scales Nov. 4." Sen. John McCain's recent attempts to reach out to this constituency by wearing an elegant silk ascot were not well received, having been described in most quarters as "pandering of the most contemptuous variety."

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    I love the Onion.

    Under Key issues for Obama.........

    Iraq War - Will have American soldiers tell the Iraqi soldiers that they're just going out for some smokes, and then sneak back home to America.



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