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Thread: What Is The Future of The Republican Party

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    I myself am a conservative first and a Republican second. IMO if Obama wins this election and the Dems end up with both the Senate and the House we are going to have a repeat of the events that followed the 1976 election.

    The conservatives of the party need to take control. The greatest thing that came from the 1976 election was Ronald Reagan. Barely beaten by Ford, he came back strong in 1980 and the rest is history.

    I agree with Jindal and Crist. Jeb Bush would have been a great choice as well but unfortunately anyone with the last name of Bush has no chance right now.

    I was never a great fan of McCain as a presidential nominee b/c he is too middle of the road and consistently tries to be everyone's friend. Fiscal and social conservatism will be back better than ever next time around even if McCain pulls this one out (as i believe he will)

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    If the party goes back to the basics like the constitution, they will be fine.

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    What is the future of the Republican party?

    Dark & grim. The first battle for them will be internal (you can forget a major bounce-back in 2010) -- will the party move toward the more traditional pocketbook issues or down the road to crazy-town on the social issues. Problem is, while the conservative fiscal stuff makes great sense to moderates every now and again, it can't win without the sheer numbers of religious crazies to back it up, but the demands of the religious crazies are poison to a large segment of independents otherwise open to the conservative message. Couldn't happen to a nice group.


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