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Thread: Suspicious Items Found At L.I.'s MacArthur Airport

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    Suspicious Items Found At L.I.'s MacArthur Airport

    Holy *hit! I'm sure everone out here on the Island uses southwest to go to Vegas or Florida all the time:eek:

    Suspicious Items Found At L.I.'s MacArthur Airport
    Traveler En Route To Las Vegas Aboard Southwest; Luggage Contained Wires, Pipe Bomb, M-80 & Ammo
    Jennifer McLogan ISLIP, N.Y. (CBS) ― A passenger at a Long Island airport was arrested Thursday after suspicious items in his bags caused a bomb scare. Officials said the items caught the attention of a security agent at MacArthur Airport. And then the bomb squad was called in.

    A device that had wires and appeared to be a pipe bomb was found inside carry-on luggage belonging to a would-be passenger about to board a Southwest flight to Las Vegas.

    "This gentleman also had a checked baggage which was going through these machines at this end," MacArthur Airport spokesperson Teresa Rizzuto said. "When the bag was sent through the TSA also thought it was suspect-now there were 2 bags"

    Inside the second bag TSA agents discovered what was described as M80 fireworks and ammunition, along with a knife. Quickly the FBI and agents from the U.S. Department of Justice Joint Terrorism Task Force moved in, detained and questioned 20-year-old Steven Nobles.

    All airport passengers were evacuated to a secure location and Suffolk County's Emergency Services Unit Bomb Squad seized the improvised explosive device.

    After several hours of questioning, Nobles was arrested and transported to federal court in Central Islip. The suspect, who is from Las Vegas, has no apparent links to known terrorism organizations and is believed to have acted alone.

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