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Thread: Chicago Tribune endorses Obama

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    [QUOTE=cr726;2814182]He got elected in Chicago and it wasn't an easy race to win. I guess being President of the Harvard Law Review is BS too?[/QUOTE]

    Yes, he deserves full credit for those amazing accomplishments.

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    Just curious... what major paper has NOT endorsed Obama? It looks like a tabloid landslide.....

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    [QUOTE=SanAntonio_JetFan;2814326]Yes, he deserves full credit for those amazing accomplishments.[/QUOTE]

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    [QUOTE=SanAntonio_JetFan;2814168]Just curious, but why do we care if various newspapers endorse a candidate?

    I think the Powell endorsement is important, but I could care less about which newspaper endorses which candidate.[/QUOTE]

    I was thinking the same thing, but it is kinda interesting when a paper like Chicago Tribune endorsees a liberal Democrat, New York Times.. not so much


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