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Thread: Anyone See or Plan on Seeing "W."?

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    Anyone See or Plan on Seeing "W."?

    Just curious.

    Its had some decent reviews and supposedly doesn't rip into Bush as much you think Oliver Stone would.

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    I'll buy it for 5 bucks Monday and watch it at home. :cool:

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    I want to....don't know if I'll get a chance.

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    I saw it this afternoon. Story was pretty good. Wasn't really anything unexpected that is not already well known about Bush. Acting wasn't great. Particularly in the actress that played Rice - Horrible.

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    My wife and I went to see it on Friday. I thought it was interesting and generally good. Brolin was good but Richard Dreyfuss as Dick Cheney was excellent. The woman who played Condolleza Rice looked the part but her voice was silly.

    Overall, the movie was not what you think as Stone was fairly even handed. In my opnion the best part of the movie is that Stone brings up many issues that the mouth piece media fails to talk about.

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    I'm posting on this thread, Instead of posting a new.
    I'm not happy with our current President.
    The one positive about Bush is he has protected us.
    His rightwing ambition has kept us safe.
    We have not been attacked or messed with sense 9-11.
    That was his goal. He's a terrible President, as we all know.
    However I have to give him Props.
    I want to know My Commander and Chief will not allow this again.

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    If you're curious about the movie but not interested in supporting the Castro-loving Oliver Stone, buy a ticket to a different movie playing at approx the same time, then go see it. I know it's simplistic, but I hadn't thought about it until someone suggested it to me....for whatever it's worth


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