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Thread: A Warning For Election Day and Beyond (ALL POLITICS FORUM USERS MUST READ)

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    A Warning For Election Day and Beyond (ALL POLITICS FORUM USERS MUST READ)

    With an election as important and historic as this one could be, I understand that feelings have been running very very high of late. and lord knows, we are all (us Politics Forum Regulars) VERY passionate about politics and our views on issues and events of the day.

    With that said......

    I absolutely expect this forum to remain civil and respectful on Election Day, and beyond, regardless of who wins.

    Put simply, when I am on, I will not allow any kind of abuse or serious attacks (serious as defined by me) in this forum, from either side.

    I truly hope we can continue to discuss the election, the results and the ongoing events the way we always have, mostly civil, mostly friendly, and with a minimum of personal attacks. We should try to remember we're all friends here (or we should be) and we all are Jets Fans (the reason we're here at all) and while we may disagree, we can do so as friends....not as enemies.

    I fully expect the winner's side to be jubilant, and the losers to be down, and many of us in the middle to be angry as to our lack of power or third legitimate option. But that opinion and view can be expressed without abuse.

    So enjoy the next few days, historic and interesting as politics always is. But do so with care. This is the only warning I will be issuing. ;)

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    so much for your isolationist stance as a mod................

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    [LEFT]screw you, warfish. Screw you :D

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    [QUOTE=Mean Bro Green;2839625]so much for your isolationist stance as a mod................[/QUOTE]


    Um, what? I don't get the reference?:confused:

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    Eveyone should act like adults here or the forum will be closed. We have had numerous problems before as I am sure you know, so lets play nice and everyone can be happy.


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