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Thread: Iverson to be traded to Pistons

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    Iverson to be traded to Pistons

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    Detroit is re-building

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    Not a bad trade for Detroit IMO. It's never a bad thing when you pick up an expiring contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynBound View Post
    Detroit is re-building
    They are re-building yet remaining competitive at the same time...

    What they did here was acquire a good player (arguably a more dynamic player) with an expiring contract that will help them still make a playoff push this year and be able to re-build for the coming years since both Iverson and Rasheed Wallace are free agents...

    Also I believe this move signafies Detroit's belief that Stuckey is their PG of the future..

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    It is very strange timing.

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    This is a fantasy question.

    I have Iverson Rip Hmilton and Prince all on my team now.

    I need assisst or rebounding help , Should I trade Hamilton for Raymond Felton?


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