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Thread: Giving tax credits to people who pay no taxes?

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    For the record Ronald Reagan stated the earned income credit

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    Just call it what it is WELFARE! and the Democrats do it best! Paying for votes! Scumbags all!

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    [QUOTE=nuu faaola;2840559]Nobody who doesn't pay taxes is getting a tax credit. [B]The people who get them will at least be paying payroll taxes --from their JOBS-- and in some cases will be paying greater percentages of their income in taxes than do many people who pay income taxes as well[/B].

    It's a tax credit to a working person who badly needs it, not welfare by any definition.[/QUOTE]
    Can you show me the math on your claims here? You keep repeating this mantra, but I don't see how it can be true. Everyone pays payroll taxes, and tax brackets increase with additional income. I am not being sarcastic, I just don't see how this claim makes any mathematical sense.


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