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Thread: Today is America's Superbowl

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    Today is America's Superbowl

    Every year, we wait almost the entire year for the first Sunday in February. We wait through the off season, watch the regular season, we watch the post season, and then finally it is here.

    Now, we have seen the rise of Obama, first being elected as a senator, then the rumors of a campaign, then he runs, wins the primaries, and now the race is over today.

    Let's just sit back, relax and take it all in, our years of waiting are over, today is election day.

    America's super bowl is today.

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    Will we get a nipple slip at halftime from Palin?

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    [QUOTE=jetstream23;2842263]Will we get a nipple slip at halftime from Palin?[/QUOTE]

    What if a pic is leaked of Obama banging the living stuffing out of that would be awesome. :D

    "Nailin Palin"

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    I just voted. It took all of 4 or 5 minutes - in and out the door.

    Joe Biden wants us all to vote for John McCain but I didn't take Biden's advice. I voted for a 3rd party candidate.

    The party is at my house! :beerme: With an Obama victory it is GUARANTEED that f'ing b**ch Hillary Clinton's presidential aspirations are DEAD!




    She's DEAD!!

    Party at my house for her political funeral and everyone is invited! :beers:

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    I AM SO EXCITED. :eek:

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    And if you come to my (Hillary Clinton's political funeral) party please bring a shovel.

    :pint: :band2:

    I'm taking NO chances. I want that phony b**ch's political aspirations buried at least SIX FEET UNDERGROUND!

    The food, drinks, and Vegas show girls are all on me!

    BYE-BYE HILLARY! Now you can move back to Illinois, Pennsylvania, or Arkansas - wherever you came from!



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