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Thread: President Obama and the Democratic Majority: The New Direction of America

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    In my own defense, other than Reparations, I don;t think I am nearly as wildly off as some of you claimed. Yes, I admit, I listed some of them a bit more extremely (as I think Obama will go beyond his "oublic statements' on some issues), but the core of each is pretty on the mark.

    But Ham in another thread is dead right. America gave Obama a mandate, now is his time, now is HIS place. Lets Hope his Change works out, eh?
    and let's hope the honeymoon doesn't last so long that if Obama missteps we all overlook it...

    although I have to say..seeing people in foreign countries waving American flags and cheering images of the President-Elect does make me proud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warfish View Post
    So, now that the election is settled, and Obama is our President-Elect and beginning the process of setting up his transition and planning for his Democratic Majority in both House, and Senate, what change can we assume will be coming in his first term?

    --Taxes will be raised (Obama claims only on ~$250-$150K and up. Many fear it will be $42K and up or worse). But taxes will be raised.

    Ithink taxes will be raised on those making over $250,000. So what. I have no problems with paying more in taxes as long as that result in more services provided.
    --Windfall Profit Tax on Oil Companies, removal of Oil Company Tax breaks. The price of Gasoline will rise.


    --Massive increases in the funding of alternative energy. Govt. incentives to switch to alt. energy, penalties implemented to those who refuse to convert.

    --Amnesty of the ~20 Million Illegal Aliens in the US today. The "penalty" is yet to be determined, but these illegals will be on some form of "path to citizenship" by the end of his first term.

    Throwing these 20 million out is not realistic. A pathway to citizenship is fine with me. I would also love to see him secure the boarder and severely penalize businesses/individuals who use illegal aliens.

    --Withdrawal from the "illegal" War in Iraq. By the end of his first term, the U.S. will have no forces in Iraq Whatsoever.

    Its about time

    --Escalation of the War in Afganistan. Most of the forces removed from Iraq will serve in Afganistan.

    I think there may be more peace-keeping troops. But i dont thing the war will be escalated. He will focus more on "winning the hearts and minds", something we completely ignored the last 8 years

    --Minimum of two new Supreme Court Justices will be Nominated and pass. They will not face anything similar to what Roberts and ailito did, and they will generally be viewed as strong and dedicated Liberals.

    I guarantee you the Republicans will attempt to put up as much, if not more of a fight than the Dems did
    --Implementation of the Fairness Doctrine for Radio.
    I seriously hope not. Im against this 100%

    --Creation of the "Civil Defense Force" as well funded and equipped as the U.S. Army.

    Another good thing

    --Added Govt. Oversight over all aspects of Wall Street and the Banking/Mortgage/Securities Field, with many new and strengthened regulations put in place. Priority will remin on loaning to low-income families.

    Its about time. Oversight is sorely needed.
    --Possible legislation to limit CEO/Executive Compensation packages.


    --Exploration of Slavery Reparations. May be passed and paid by the end of term one.

    Nice try. This is total BS.

    --A Peace accord between the U.S. and Iran, that allows Iran to develop civil-use Nuclear Facilities in exchange for U.S. financial aid and an Iranian promice not to develop Weapons.

    Id love to see this happen.

    Am I missing anything major?

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    You are missing the cuts in missile defense appropriations, something the military has made a ton of headway in the last ten or so years. Although I'd go along with bit in tempering my pessimism, as no candidate fulfills even half of their promises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XingDaorong View Post
    You are missing the cuts in missile defense appropriations, something the military has made a ton of headway in the last ten or so years. Although I'd go along with bit in tempering my pessimism, as no candidate fulfills even half of their promises.
    If the Republicans didn't run the economy into the tank and ring up a huge national debt while doing it you might have an argument. I love national defense but the fact is we are out of money and everything is going to be slashed and burned including defense.

    As someone who supports defense and a less regulated economy and lower government spending, I can't really jump on the Dems right now for cutting. When our guys burn the money and fail the economy we get weaker as a nation. Defense is also going to be weaker as a result. The next time we elect a Republican President and Congress, they are going to have to govern intelligently. If they do and the economy is good they get to spend more on defense. If they do what Bush does they are blamed for reducing our ability to defend ourselves.

    Those 1.2 million Americans who lost their jobs because of outright fraud in many casses and the outright failure of the executive branch to do anyting about it on their watch are going to need some help. I don't like wellfare but in a shrinking economic environment, I would rather give my fellow American a loaf of bread than put another missle defense shield in Poland. When we have an expanding economy we can expand our defense capability not now.

    Military strength and the strength of our country comes from our economic might. We are economically weak right now and the rest will suffer accordingly.
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