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Thread: Russia announces intention to deploy missiles near Poland

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    [QUOTE=bitonti;2845530]like war? you mean war right? that's my point. We aren't going to war with Russia, if anyone has any REALISTIC idea's im all ears.

    it wasn't my theory and the first post happened before the polls closed, before the exit polling was available and DIDNT have the word Obama in it.[/QUOTE]

    Nice back tracking. We all know why you threw that comment up there. And since its proven wrong...of course its not your comment. But if the market had gone up 800 points instead..boy you would be singing a different story.

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    [QUOTE=sec.101row23;2845463]Jesus man....good thing you weren't around when WWII was going on. We would all be speaking German right now.[/QUOTE]

    oh yeah? so if we don't attack other aggressive nations, we can't defend our own country?

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    Who gives a crap. This is stupid.

    What's the point of a missile shield if their are no missiles pointed at it? It would be like building a dam across a dried up lake.


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