Saw him last night. Both O'Reilly and Colmes asked him how much of an affect did Bush have on this election. He answered not much as Obama only got 1 1/2% more votes then Bush and 3% more then Kerry. Can someone please explain to me what that has to do with anything? It's obvious that Bush and Rove killed the Republican brand in this election, but none of the talking heads had the guts to ask that question. If Fox scores a coup and gets a powerful insider on it's network what good is it if he is not asked penetrating questions?

Dick Morris was also on O'Reilly. How that man gets a position on any news network I have no idea. He actually said the stock market went down yesterday as he predicted because everybody was trying to sell and take their capital gains before Obama raises the tax. At least O'Reilly had the good sense to tell him that there are no gains on Wall St. now and it went down for other reasons.