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Thread: Need 3 Wide Recievers to start

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    Need 3 Wide Recievers to start

    I have :

    Antonio Bryant vs Min
    Jerrico Cotchery vs Pats
    Chad Ocho Cinco vs Phil.
    Michael Jenkins vs Den
    Lance Moore vs KC

    I have no idea who to start. Please give me your opinions.

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    tough calls across the board. For Chad I would not start him if he was being covered by Samuel as he has shut down some good wrs this season. I liek Cotch vs the Pats I am starting him on my team. Jenkins is a HR threat but pretty hit or miss since Roddy gets a lot of targets. I like moore even though he is the #3 wr, although he had a very lucky hail mary td last week that padded his stats. I like Bryant and Minnys pass D is usually pretty bad.


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