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Thread: Need to start 1 out of 3 at Flex Spot

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    Need to start 1 out of 3 at Flex Spot

    Do I go with BGE, Leon Washington, or Santonio Holmes? I don't know why, but I think Leon might go off against the Pats. He's prolly a nightmare for them. But I just dont want to be thinking with my heart and would like to get some feedback.


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    Leon is a risky play, I don't think i would start him but he can always hit a homerun you just never know. Holmes is very spotty but he gets targets, I am only worried about how healthy Big Ben is.

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    Sorry BGE is Ben Jarvis Ellis. I don't see him doing anything against the Jets.

    The rain is the reason why i think Leon might do well. I think he's gonna be cutting all over the place and making people miss. Or am I just being a homer? LOL.


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    I dont know each guy has his risks but i would say the least risky pick might be Holmes, as long as Ben is ok, as he is almost a lock to get about 40-50 yards althought BGE should be running a lot if the weather is dreary tonight like they say.


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