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Thread: I Don't Care How We Won...

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    I Don't Care How We Won...

    We won. That's all that matters. Everyone said this should be a victory for us, possibly an easy one. But on the other sideline, there are 53 guys and a head coach that would borderline rather die than lose to the hated Jets. Blind hatred like that is a very powerful tool. The dark side is strong with the pats.

    On a side note, I give a lot of credit to cassel. He showed me a lot tonight. Guy throws 50 times against a good Jets defense. He doesn't possess the ability to go deep with much accuracy, but I really like every other part of his game. I don't understand how the pats keep finding them...

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    I'm with you. They won, that's it. The Jets scored more points than the Pats. That's the bottom line.

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    No kidding, I was TIRED of moral victories, it is so nice to hear Matt Cassel talk about how great it was to come back from a 24-6 deficit, BUT YOU LOST!!!!!

    Way to go Jets, I had a whole bar in Pittsburgh rooting for you. Great win, it doesnt matter that you blew a lead, YOU WON THE GAME!!! Way to go!!!!


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